Daily bonuses
Daily bonuses
During the Sky Merchants event, 2 merchants will spawn at once.
During the "Goddess of the Sun" event, the effect for killing the goddesses is applied 20 times.
9 october
During the Starfall event, 2 astrologers will appear at once.
10 october
During the Carnival of Spirits event, you can receive 3 blessings at once.
11 october
During the "Alchemist's Crucible" event, the chance to summon Weidong is 2 times higher.
12 october
For participating in the "Hundred Strikes" event, the experience gained is increased by 3 times.
13 october
During the "Face of War" event, two dark monks and a brave man will appear at once.
14 october
During the "Three Demons" event, the limit for completing the task has been increased by 2 times.
15 october
During the Power of Unity event, gold received from killing monsters is increased by 25%.
16 october
When searching for treasures, with some probability, 2 chimeras of the night will be summoned at once.
17 october
During the "Ruins of Death" event, gold and experience received are doubled.
18 october
During the "Dragon and Phoenix" event, the number of signs received is doubled.