Daily bonuses
During the "Goddess of the Sun" event, the effect for killing the goddesses is applied 20 times.
During the Starfall event, 2 astrologers will appear at once.
31 january
During the Carnival of Spirits event, you can receive 3 blessings at once.
1 february
During the "Alchemist's Crucible" event, the chance to summon Weidong is 2 times higher.
2 february
For participating in the "Hundred Strikes" event, the experience gained is increased by 3 times.
3 february
During the "Face of War" event, two dark monks and a brave man will appear at once.
4 february
During the "Three Demons" event, the limit for completing the task has been increased by 2 times.
5 february
During the Power of Unity event, gold received from killing monsters is increased by 25%.
6 february
When searching for treasures, with some probability, 2 chimeras of the night will be summoned at once.
7 february
During the "Ruins of Death" event, gold and experience received are doubled.
8 february
During the "Dragon and Phoenix" event, the number of signs received is doubled.
9 february
During the Sky Merchants event, 2 merchants will spawn at once.