If you want to support the development of our project, you can make a donation. It is they who ensure the existence of the server, and also contribute to its development. For donations, we will thank you with pearls, the amount of which you can see when filling out the form. Please note that all your donations are made on a voluntary basis and are non-refundable.

If you do not have the opportunity to make a donation using the form, then here are our details of other payment systems:
Sberbank: 4276021725981190
For PayPal: use $ when transferring (for other currencies the commission is 5%). The current rate is 1$ - 85 pearls.
After transferring funds, contact us in any convenient way (mail is in the footer of the site) and provide your game login, payment amount and payment system. If you used the form below, this is not necessary; pearls will be automatically credited to your account.

Donations are not required for a comfortable game. According to statistics, most players reach heights without investment. In addition, there is an auction in the game where you can exchange your gold for pearls of other players and vice versa.

pearls: - (+-%)
  • +0% from 50 ₽
  • +5% from 500 ₽
  • +10% from 1000 ₽
  • +15% from 2000 ₽
  • +20% from 3500 ₽
  • +25% from 5000 ₽
  • +30% from 6500 ₽
  • +35% from 8000 ₽
  • +40% from 10000 ₽
  • +45% from 12500 ₽
  • +50% from 15000 ₽
Donation history
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