Game items
HP granules
Weak granules of blood
Granules of blood
Strong granules of blood
Weak granules of healing
granules of healing
Strong granules of healing
Weak granules of revival
Granules of revival
Strong granules of revival
Weak granules of life
MP powders
Weak powder of spirit
Powder of spirit
Strong powder of spirit
Weak powder of ancestors
powder of ancestors
Strong powder of ancestors
Weak powder of mystery
Powder of mystery
Strong powder of mystery
Weak powder of wind
Autumn elixir
Heavenly elixir
Jasper elixir
Spring elixir
Sacred elixir
HP pills
Pill of rebirth
Pill of longevity
Pill of reincarnation
Pill of life
Pill of immortality
MP pills
Pill of purity
Pill of spiritualization
Pill of wind
Pill of lotus
Pill of perfume
Ointment HP
Ointment of healing
Ointment of rejuvenation
Ointment of blood
Ointment of resurrection
Ointment of immortality
Ointments MP
Ointment of purity
Ointment of soul
Ointment of spring
Ointment of elemental
Ointment of gods
Pellets of courage
Very small granules of death
Small granules of death
Granules of death
Large granules of death
Very large granules of death
Blueberry bun
Rice bun
Chicken bun
Pork bun
Flatbread with vegetables
Vegetable salad
Stewed chicken
Fried chicken
Marinated chicken
Spicy chicken
Pumpkin cookies
Orange biscuits
Raspberry cookies
Apple cookies
Berry biscuit
Milk soup
Chicken soup
Fish soup
Pea soup
Pea soup with spices
Rice pancakes
Broccoli pancakes
Pancakes with fish
Pancakes with tomatoes
Pancakes with meat
Dofu bean curd
Fried dofu
Dofu with herbs
Spicy dofu curd
Dofu with spices
Young red wine
Young rose wine
Young white wine
Young yellow wine
Young sparkling wine
Aged red wine
Aged rose wine
Aged white wine
Aged yellow wine
Aged sparkling wine
Collection red wine
Collection rose wine
Collection white wine
Collection yellow wine
Collection sparkling wine
Pet elixirs
Diluted elixir of energy
Weak elixir of energy
Common elixir of energy
Potent elixir of energy
Magic elixir of energy
Diligence recovery
Wontons in bamboo leaves
Moon pie
Fish soup with spices
Appraiser scrolls
Appraiser scroll I
Appraiser scroll II
Appraiser scroll III
Appraiser scroll IV
Appraiser scroll V
Appraiser scroll VI
Appraiser scroll VII
Appraiser scroll VIII
Appraiser scroll IX
Appraiser scroll X
Perfect appraiser scroll
Rough grindstone
Durable grindstone
Solid grindstone
Perfect grindstone
Flawless grindstone
Grinding stones
Rough sunstone
Durable sunstone
Solid sunstone
Perfect sunstone
Flawless sunstone
Rough moonstone
Durable moonstone
Solid moonstone
Perfect moonstone
Flawless moonstone
Iron drill
Steel drill
Jade drill
Silver drill
Enchanted drill
Ancient drill
Fire drill
Dragon drill
Moon drill
Legendary drill
High Level Materials
Armor plates 1 lvl
Armor plates 2 lvl
Armor plates 3 lvl
Decoration 1 lvl
Decoration 2 lvl
Decoration 3 lvl
Elastic cloth 1 lvl
Elastic cloth 2 lvl
Elastic cloth 3 lvl
Embroidery 1 lvl
Embroidery 2 lvl
Embroidery 3 lvl
Craft Level Ups
Manuscript of knowledge
Craft basics
Book «Mining»
Book «Collection»
Book «Purification»
Book «Processing»
Book «Alchemy»
Book «Weapon crafting»
Book «Armor crafting»
Book «Sewing»
Book «Jewelcrafting»
Book «Revealing»
Rare book «Mining»
Rare book «Collection»
Rare book «Purification»
Rare book «Processing»
Rare book «Alchemy»
Rare book «Weapon crafting»
Rare book «Armor crafting»
Rare book «Sewing»
Rare book «Jewelcrafting»
Rare book «Revealing»
Talismans of processing
Talisman of sage
Talisman of emperor
Talisman of ancestors
Talisman of life
Talisman of heaven
Cat with Mascots
Talismans of cutting
Talisman of moon I
Talisman of moon II
Talisman of moon III
Talisman of sun I
Talisman of sun II
Talisman of sun III
Talismans of jeweler
Jeweler's talisman 1
Jeweler's talisman 2
Jeweler's talisman 3
Jeweler's talisman 4
Jeweler's talisman 5
Jeweler's talisman 6
Jeweler's talisman 7
Elemental transformers
Elemental transformer I
Elemental transformer II
Elemental transformer III
Elemental transformer IV
Elemental transformer V
Element of wood
Element of fire
Element of water
Element of earth
Element of metal
Uncut gems
Uncut ruby
Uncut sapphire
Uncut heliodor
Uncut selenite
Uncut malachite
Uncut agate
Unrefined gems
Unrefined ruby
Unrefined sapphire
Unrefined heliodor
Unrefined selenite
Unrefined malachite
Unrefined agate
Unrefined ruby I
Unrefined sapphire I
Unrefined heliodor I
Unrefined selenite I
Unrefined malachite I
Unrefined agate I
Unrefined ruby II
Unrefined sapphire II
Unrefined heliodor II
Unrefined selenite II
Unrefined malachite II
Unrefined agate II
Unrefined ruby +
Unrefined sapphire +
Unrefined heliodor +
Unrefined selenite +
Unrefined malachite +
Unrefined agate +
Ordinary gems
Plain ruby
Plain sapphire
Plain heliodor
Plain selenite
Plain malachite
Plain agate
Plain ruby I
Plain sapphire I
Plain heliodor I
Plain selenite I
Plain malachite I
Plain agate I
Plain ruby II
Plain sapphire II
Plain heliodor II
Plain selenite II
Plain malachite II
Plain agate II
Plain ruby +
Plain sapphire +
Plain heliodor +
Plain selenite +
Plain malachite +
Plain agate +
Polished gems
Polished ruby
Polished sapphire
Polished heliodor
Polished selenite
Polished malachite
Polished agate
Polished ruby I
Polished sapphire I
Polished heliodor I
Polished selenite I
Polished malachite I
Polished agate I
Polished ruby II
Polished sapphire II
Polished heliodor II
Polished selenite II
Polished malachite II
Polished agate II
Polished ruby +
Polished sapphire +
Polished heliodor +
Polished selenite +
Polished malachite +
Polished agate +
Faceted gems
Faceted ruby
Faceted sapphire
Faceted heliodor
Faceted selenite
Faceted malachite
Faceted agate
Faceted ruby I
Faceted sapphire I
Faceted heliodor I
Faceted selenite I
Faceted malachite I
Faceted agate I
Faceted ruby II
Faceted sapphire II
Faceted heliodor II
Faceted selenite II
Faceted malachite II
Faceted agate II
Faceted ruby +
Faceted sapphire +
Faceted heliodor +
Faceted selenite +
Faceted malachite +
Faceted agate +
Glittering gems
Sparkling ruby
Sparkling sapphire
Sparkling heliodor
Sparkling selenite
Sparkling malachite
Sparkling agate
Sparkling ruby I
Sparkling sapphire I
Sparkling heliodor I
Sparkling selenite I
Sparkling malachite I
Sparkling agate I
Sparkling ruby II
Sparkling sapphire II
Sparkling heliodor II
Sparkling selenite II
Sparkling malachite II
Sparkling agate II
Sparkling ruby +
Sparkling sapphire +
Sparkling selenite +
Sparkling malachite +
Sparkling agate +
Precious gems
Precious ruby
Precious sapphire
Precious heliodor
Precious selenite
Precious malachite
Precious agate
Precious ruby I
Precious sapphire I
Precious heliodor I
Precious selenite I
Precious malachite I
Precious agate I
Precious ruby II
Precious sapphire II
Precious heliodor II
Precious selenite II
Precious malachite II
Precious agate II
Perfect gems
Perfect ruby
Perfect sapphire
Perfect heliodor
Perfect selenite
Perfect malachite
Perfect agate
Perfect ruby I
Perfect sapphire I
Perfect heliodor I
Perfect selenite I
Perfect malachite I
Perfect agate I
Perfect ruby II
Perfect sapphire II
Perfect heliodor II
Perfect selenite II
Perfect malachite II
Perfect agate II
South star
North star
Special gems
Elemental gems
Jewel of sunset I
Jewel of sunset II
Jewel of sunset III
Jewel of sunset IV
Jewel of sunset V
Jewel of dawn I
Jewel of dawn II
Jewel of dawn III
Jewel of dawn IV
Jewel of dawn V
Jewel of rage I
Jewel of rage II
Jewel of rage III
Jewel of rage IV
Jewel of rage V
Jewel of wrath I
Jewel of wrath II
Jewel of wrath III
Jewel of wrath IV
Jewel of wrath V
Jewel of earth I
Jewel of earth II
Jewel of earth III
Jewel of earth IV
Jewel of earth V
Jewel of heavenly I
Jewel of heavenly II
Jewel of heavenly III
Jewel of heavenly IV
Jewel of heavenly V
Jewel of silence I
Jewel of silence II
Jewel of silence III
Jewel of silence IV
Jewel of silence V
Jewel of repel I
Jewel of repel II
Jewel of repel III
Jewel of repel IV
Jewel of repel V
Jewel of longevity I
Jewel of longevity II
Jewel of longevity III
Jewel of longevity IV
Jewel of longevity V
Jewel of wind I
Jewel of wind II
Jewel of wind III
Jewel of wind IV
Jewel of wind V
Pet food
Green strawberry
Honey plum
Ripe pear
Ruby garnet
Pet fodder
Dry food
Ordinary feed
Soft food
Juicy food
Delicacy food
Pet items
Red flower
Golden flower
Emerald flower
Turquoise amulet
Emerald amulet
Golden amulet
Steel horseshoe
Silver horseshoe
Magic horseshoe
Sack with ordinary potion
Sack with special potion
Sack with magic potion
Magic amulet
Supplies for pet
Mythical potion
Pet cage
Additional pet cage
Elixir of awakening
Magic elixir of awakening
Starting pets
Pink pony
Golden lion
Red bull
Pink sundew
White sundew
Dusk sundew
Friendly sundew
Clan pets
Ruby pony
Ferocious lion
Magic bull
Fawn pony
Jade lion
Golden bull
Helper pets
Forest deer
Emerald turtle
Blue elephant
Fiery spider
Demon of death
Firemane pony
Baby rhino
Blue octopus
Cat robot
Ashen phoenix
Great dragon
Devil Damon
Cat Kredi
Angel Nelly
Raccoon Chester
Turtle Kipa
Fire demon
Wild pet helpers
Bloody wolf
Saber-toothed tiger
Cave irbis
Amber fox
Predatory bee
Ghost scorpion
Bloody wolf
Saber-toothed tiger
Cave irbis
Amber fox
Predatory bee
Ghost scorpion
Bloody wolf
Saber-toothed tiger
Cave irbis
Amber fox
Predatory bee
Ghost scorpion
Jade demon of death
Jade scorpion
Snow tiger
Blue dragon
Golden dragon
White kitty
Hell hound
Beast from hell
Fiery werewolf
Immortal crane
Emerald lizard
Fisher cat
Brown kitty
Flying carpet
Fiery bike
Christmas deer
Reindeer team
Lunar Festral
Lazy Panda
Angry panda
Awakened panda
Confused Panda
Elements of wood
Tree bark I
Tree bark I
Tree bark II
Tree bark II
Tree bark III
Tree bark III
Tree bark IV
Tree bark IV
Tree bark V
Tree bark V
Tree bark VI
Tree bark VI
Fall leaves I
Fall leaves I
Fall leaves II
Fall leaves II
Fall leaves III
Fall leaves III
Fall leaves IV
Fall leaves IV
Fall leaves V
Fall leaves V
Fall leaves VI
Fall leaves VI
Elements of fire
Fiery flash I
Fiery flash I
Fiery flash II
Fiery flash II
Fiery flash III
Fiery flash III
Fiery flash IV
Fiery flash IV
Fiery flash V
Fiery flash V
Fiery flash VI
Fiery flash VI
Flame tongue I
Flame tongue I
Flame tongue II
Flame tongue II
Flame tongue III
Flame tongue III
Flame tongue IV
Flame tongue IV
Flame tongue V
Flame tongue V
Flame tongue VI
Flame tongue VI
Elements of water
Dew drop I
Dew drop I
Dew drop II
Dew drop II
Dew drop III
Dew drop III
Dew drop IV
Dew drop IV
Dew drop V
Dew drop V
Dew drop VI
Dew drop VI
Phoenix tear I
Phoenix tear I
Phoenix tear II
Phoenix tear II
Phoenix tear III
Phoenix tear III
Phoenix tear IV
Phoenix tear IV
Phoenix tear V
Phoenix tear V
Phoenix tear VI
Phoenix tear VI
Elements of earth
Rock fragment I
Rock fragment I
Rock fragment II
Rock fragment II
Rock fragment III
Rock fragment III
Rock fragment IV
Rock fragment IV
Rock fragment V
Rock fragment V
Rock fragment VI
Rock fragment VI
Solid ground I
Solid ground I
Solid ground II
Solid ground II
Solid ground III
Solid ground III
Solid ground IV
Solid ground IV
Solid ground V
Solid ground V
Solid ground VI
Solid ground VI
Elements of metal
Copper alloy I
Copper alloy I
Copper alloy II
Copper alloy II
Copper alloy III
Copper alloy III
Copper alloy IV
Copper alloy IV
Copper alloy V
Copper alloy V
Copper alloy VI
Copper alloy VI
Iron meteorite I
Iron meteorite I
Iron meteorite II
Iron meteorite II
Iron meteorite III
Iron meteorite III
Iron meteorite IV
Iron meteorite IV
Iron meteorite V
Iron meteorite V
Iron meteorite VI
Iron meteorite VI
Copper seals
Copper seal of strength III
Copper seal of blood III
Copper seal of spirit III
Copper seal of storm III
Copper seal of strength II
Copper seal of blood II
Copper seal of spirit II
Copper seal of storm II
Copper seal of strength I
Copper seal of blood I
Copper seal of spirit I
Copper seal of storm I
Steel seals
Steel seal of strength III
Steel seal of blood III
Steel seal of spirit III
Steel seal of storm III
Steel seal of strength II
Steel seal of blood II
Steel seal of spirit II
Steel seal of storm II
Steel seal of strength I
Steel seal of blood I
Steel seal of spirit I
Steel seal of storm I
Jade seals
Silver seal of strength III
Silver seal of blood III
Silver seal of spirit III
Silver seal of storm III
Silver seal of strength II
Silver seal of blood II
Silver seal of spirit II
Silver seal of storm II
Silver seal of strength I
Silver seal of blood I
Silver seal of spirit I
Silver seal of storm I
Silver seals
Jade seal of strength III
Jade seal of blood III
Jade seal of spirit III
Jade seal of storm III
Jade seal of strength II
Jade seal of blood II
Jade seal of spirit II
Jade seal of storm II
Jade seal of strength I
Jade seal of blood I
Jade seal of spirit I
Jade seal of storm I
Golden seals
Golden seal of strength III
Golden seal of blood III
Golden seal of spirit III
Gilded seal of storm III
Golden seal of strength II
Golden seal of blood II
Golden seal of spirit II
Gilded seal of storm II
Golden seal of strength I
Golden seal of blood I
Golden seal of spirit I
Gilded seal of storm I
White quality resources
Chipped stone
Unrefined jade
Petty iron nugget
Petty silver nugget
Petty gold nugget
Spring edelweiss
Spring heather
Spring wormwood
Spring sage
Spring lily
Heavy flax
Heavy leather
Heavy cotton
Heavy brocade
Heavy silk
Tough meat
Ground water
Unsifted grain
Simple spices
Unwashed salad
Yellow quality Resources
Ordinary stone
Ordinary jade
Small iron nugget
Small silver nugget
Small gold nugget
Summer edelweiss
Summer heather
Summer wormwood
Summer sage
Summer lily
Thick flax
Thick leather
Thick cotton
Thick brocade
Thick silk
Ordinary meat
Rain water
Ordinary grain
Refined spices
Ordinary salad
Green quality resources
Treated stone
Polished jade
Medium iron nugget
Medium silver nugget
Medium gold nugget
Autumn edelweiss
Autumn heather
Autumn wormwood
Autumn sage
Autumn lily
Plain flax
Plain leather
Plain cotton
Plain brocade
Plain silk
Beaten meat
Melt water
Refined grain
Ordinary spices
Peeled salad
Blue quality resources
Hewn stone
Faceted jade
Large iron nugget
Large silver nugget
Large gold nugget
Winter edelweiss
Winter heather
Winter wormwood
Winter sage
Winter lily
Soft flax
Soft leather
Soft cotton
Soft brocade
Soft silk
Juicy meat
Well water
Selected grain
Gourmet spices
Selected salad
Orange quality resources
Polished stone
Glittering jade
Huge iron nugget
Huge silver nugget
Huge gold nugget
Eastern edelweiss
Eastern heather
Eastern wormwood
Eastern sage
Eastern lily
Thin flax
Thin leather
Thin cotton
Thin brocade
Thin silk
Delicacy meat
Spring water
Milled grain
Precious spices
Gourmet salad
Purple quality resources
Magic stone
Magic jade
Magic iron nugget
Magic silver nugget
Magic gold nugget
Magic flax
Magic leather
Magic cotton
Magic brocade
Magic silk
Coal concentrate
Meteorite iron
Soy cloth
Heavenly silk
Scrolls of experience
Scroll of experience
Scroll of experience
Special scroll of experience
Magic scroll of experience
Talismans for trophies
Talisman of abundance
Golden talisman of abundance
Talismans for gold
Talisman of wealth
Golden talisman of wealth
Other talismans
Talisman of knowledge
Talisman of authority
Talisman of luck
Valuable trophies
River stone
Shard of black crystal
Black crystal
Sparkling black crystal
Core of gold
Heart of pure gold
Plastic silver
Wooden beams
Plastic gold
Black rubble
Small pearls
Conspiracy Soulstone
Fragment of spell scroll
Fragment of fortune scroll
Soul catcher
Death of the soul
Scroll of curse
Stone of vice
Relic shard
Lord of the souls
Poisoned tissue
Phantom talisman
Shabby hide
Spirit sphere
Shabby hide
Cracked carapace
Werewolf hide
Bone needle
Ancient animal hide
Bone ring
Ceramic utensils
Spirit pearl
Regular carapace
Thick hide
Large carapace
Luxury ceramics
Sturdy hide
Sturdy carapace
Colored pearl
White porcelain
Good hide
Sharp bone
Gray porcelain
Essence of spirit
Perfect hide
Patterned carapace
Stone ring
Blue porcelain
Spirit lord sphere
Strong hide
Cursed insect carapace
Stone amulet
Pink porcelain
Spirit keeper sphere
Shiny hide
Ceramic ring
Rare ceramics
Multicolored hide
Impenetrable carapace
Jade ring
Bronze dishes
Spirits mystery sphere
Excellent hide
Enchanted carapace
Jade talisman
Iron utensils
Ancestral sphere
Flawless hide
Relic carapace
Jade pendants
Polished iron cookware
Cursed spirit sphere
Enchanted hide
Jade amulet
Jade tableware
Sphere of immortal spirit
Peerless hide
Superior carapace
Agate sphere
Inlaid crockery
Enchanted spirit sphere
Skin of a mythical animal
Leader's carapace
Agate pendants
White jade crockery
Sphere of reflection
Ritual Hide
Stone shell
Emerald pendants
Vintage utensil
Sphere of guile
Royal hide
Newt bone
Jade Bracelet
Sacred utensil
Sphere of an outcast spirit
Sacred animal hide
Demon carapace
Jasper chain
Enchanted utensil
Sphere of ancient spirit
Divine Hide
Sacred insect carapace
Crystal pendants
Imperial utensil
Sphere of sacred spirit
Regular trophies
Cursed talisman
Crystal shard of the dead
Wind crystal
Ice shard
Cold stone
Gem of the Soul
Tree amulet
Sea crystal shard
Sea crystal
Statue shard
Jade bone
Red ribbon of the storm
Pearl of the storm
Purple gem
Gold gem
Snow spirit crystal
Snow spirit stone
Broken blade
Used utensils
Ancient jug
Wooden beams
Broken relic
Mountain grass
Pearl of wisdom
Damaged armor
Paper amulet
Mountain river ice
Old sword
Rusty armor
Broken weapon
Moldy patty
Poison bottle
Leaky shirt
Insect egg
Magic Ice
Sandal sphere
Sacred amulet
Old armor
Broken knife
Invalid password
Unsuitable weapon
Graceful lotus
Demon blood
Corroded weapon
Cracked demonic crystal
Charred armor
Melted relic
Secret order
Old weapon
Old wood
Blunt Blade
Old envelope
Underworld armor
Corrupted celestial relic
Torn letter
Broken sword
Broken relic
Moldy paper
Rare trophies
Small silver ingot 1
Small silver ingot 2
Small silver ingot 3
Small silver ingot 4
Large silver ingot 1
Large silver ingot 2
Large silver ingot 3
Large silver ingot 4
Small gold ingot 1
Small gold ingot 2
Small gold ingot 3
Small gold ingot 4
Large gold ingot 1
Large gold ingot 2
Large gold ingot 3
Large gold ingot 4
Platinum ingot
Clan items for respect
Dragon crystal
Clan items for confidence
Old book
Clan items for friendliness
Scarlet rod
Lost manuscript
Scroll of poisons
Secret drawing
Sea pearls
Faceted crystal
Ancient utensils
Clan items for honor
Ancient map
Wooden totem
War chronicle
Historical relic
Clan items for admiration
Talisman of harmony
Star sapphire
Great shrine
Mysterious seal
Clan letters
Clan letter
Clan letter
Clan letter
Clan letter
Living water
Ordinary fertilizers
Enchanted water
Enchanted fertilizers
Blessed tree
Rainbow tree
Heavenly roses
Food bag
Items for the gardener
Festive paper
Festive chest
Golden silk
Christmas firecracker
Happiness Ingot
Happy prediction
Holiday postcard
Talisman of happiness
Red beans
Nuts of lucky
Scented osmanthus
King prawns
Red dates
Longevity wheat
Seasonal vegetables
Chopped meat
Selected rice
Holiday sesame
Red rose
Blue rose
Black rose
White rose
Golden rose
Porridge 'Divine food'
Porridge 'Hercules'
Porridge 'Assorted'
Porridge 'Longevity'
Porridge 'Strongman'
Porridge 'Clever'
Gourmet porridge 'Divine food'
Gourmet porridge 'Hercules'
Gourmet porridge 'Assorted'
Gourmet porridge 'Longevity'
Gourmet porridge 'Strongman'
Gourmet porridge 'Clever'
Dumplings 'Wellbeing'
Dumplings 'Prosperity'
Dumplings 'Abundance'
Cookies 'Favourable wind'
Cookies 'Long way'
Cookies 'Secret'
Wontons 'Sage'
Wontons 'Leader'
Wontons 'Luck'
Map of seven stars
Map of fallen warrior
Dragon bottle
Hammer of seven stars
Hammer of fallen warrior
Chest of wrath
Chest of despair
Chest of greed
Chest of south star
Chest of north star
Dusty chest
Inlaid chest
Moon coins
Star coins
Dragon relics
Dragon scales
Dragon tail
Dragon eye
Dragon claw
Philosopher's stones
Philosopher's stone
Shimmering Philosopher's stone
Other items
Fading star
Heavenly crystal
Star crystal
Divine crystal
Moon talisman
Guiding star
Moon bell
Star amulet
Dragon knapsacks
Dragon pouch I
Dragon pouch II
Dragon pouch III
Dragon pouch IV
Dragon pouch V
Dragon pouch VI
Dragon pouch VII
Dragon pouch VIII
Dragon pouch IX
Dragon pouch X
Dragon pouch XI
Dragon pouch XII
Dragon pouch XIII
Dragon pouch XIV
Engraver kits
Engraver kit
Improved engraver Kit
Simple engraver kit
Patterner kits
Patterner kit
Improved patterner kit
Simple patterner kit
Weapon recipes
Weapon 10 lvl
Weapon 20 lvl
Weapon 30 lvl
Weapon 40 lvl
Weapon 50 lvl
Weapon 60 lvl
Weapon 70 lvl
Weapon 80 lvl
Weapon 90 lvl
Weapon 100 lvl
Enchanted weapon 70 lvl
Enchanted weapon 80 lvl
Enchanted weapon 90 lvl
Enchanted weapon 100 lvl
Armor recipes
Armor 10 lvl
Armor 20 lvl
Armor 30 lvl
Armor 40 lvl
Armor 50 lvl
Armor 60 lvl
Armor 70 lvl
Armor 80 lvl
Armor 90 lvl
Armor 100 lvl
Enchanted armor 70 lvl
Enchanted armor 80 lvl
Enchanted armor 90 lvl
Enchanted armor 100 lvl
Wonderful armor 80 lvl
Robe recipes
Mantle 10 lvl
Mantle 20 lvl
Mantle 30 lvl
Mantle 40 lvl
Mantle 50 lvl
Mantle 60 lvl
Mantle 70 lvl
Mantle 80 lvl
Mantle 90 lvl
Mantle 100 lvl
Enchanted mantle 70 lvl
Enchanted mantle 80 lvl
Enchanted mantle 90 lvl
Enchanted mantle 100 lvl
Magic mantle 80 lvl
Jewelry recipes
Decoration 10 lvl
Decoration 20 lvl
Decoration 30 lvl
Decoration 40 lvl
Decoration 50 lvl
Decoration 60 lvl
Decoration 70 lvl
Decoration 80 lvl
Decoration 90 lvl
Decoration 100 lvl
Enchanted decoration 70 lvl
Enchanted decoration 80 lvl
Enchanted decoration 90 lvl
Enchanted decoration 100 lvl
Enchanted materials
Burst of energy
Frozen clouds
Incinerating light
New way
Spirit training
Combat training
Cry of victory
Strengthening I
Strengthening II
Strengthening III
Strengthening IV
Strengthening V
Abundance I
Abundance II
Abundance III
Abundance IV
Abundance V
Luxury I
Luxury II
Luxury III
Luxury IV
Miner I
Miner II
Miner III
Miner IV
Collector I
Collector II
Collector III
Collector IV
Grace I
Grace II
Mountains of gold I
Mountains of gold II
Mountains of gold III
Mountains of gold IV
Eternal peace I
Eternal peace II
Endless war I
Endless war II
Endless war III
Hunting Basics I
Hunting Basics II
Source of wealth I
Source of wealth II
Source of wealth III
Experienced fisherman I
Experienced fisherman II
Experienced fisherman III
Experienced fisherman IV
Gods will I
Gods will II
Gods will III
Abundance I
Abundance II
Abundance III
Brutal training I
Brutal training II
Brutal training III
Brutal training IV
Skills for couples
Unanimity I
Unanimity II
Unanimity III
Unanimity IV
Unanimity V
Affection I
Affection II
Affection III
Affection IV
Affection V
Inspiration I
Inspiration II
Inspiration III
Inspiration IV
Inspiration V
Pet passive skills
Stone turtle 1
Stone turtle 2
Stone turtle 3
Stone turtle 4
Stone turtle 5
Stone turtle 6
Stone turtle 7
Stone turtle 8
Stone turtle 9
Stone turtle 10
Stone turtle 11
Stone turtle 12
Stone turtle 13
Wise monkey 1
Wise monkey 2
Wise monkey 3
Wise monkey 4
Wise monkey 5
Wise monkey 6
Wise monkey 7
Wise monkey 8
Wise monkey 9
Wise monkey 10
Wise monkey 11
Wise monkey 12
Wise monkey 13
Jade elephant 1
Jade elephant 2
Jade elephant 3
Jade elephant 4
Jade elephant 5
Jade elephant 6
Jade elephant 7
Jade elephant 8
Jade elephant 9
Jade elephant 10
Jade elephant 11
Jade elephant 12
Jade elephant 13
Flying phoenix 1
Flying phoenix 2
Flying phoenix 3
Flying phoenix 4
Flying phoenix 5
Flying phoenix 6
Flying phoenix 7
Flying phoenix 8
Flying phoenix 9
Flying phoenix 10
Flying phoenix 11
Flying phoenix 12
Flying phoenix 13
Hidden dragon 1
Hidden dragon 2
Hidden dragon 3
Hidden dragon 4
Hidden dragon 5
Hidden dragon 6
Hidden dragon 7
Hidden dragon 8
Hidden dragon 9
Hidden dragon 10
Hidden dragon 11
Hidden dragon 12
Hidden dragon 13
Crouching tiger 1
Crouching tiger 2
Crouching tiger 3
Crouching tiger 4
Crouching tiger 5
Crouching tiger 6
Crouching tiger 7
Crouching tiger 8
Crouching tiger 9
Crouching tiger 10
Crouching tiger 11
Crouching tiger 12
Crouching tiger 13
Pet active skills
Sedation I
Sedation II
Sedation III
Sedation IV
Sedation V
Return of mobility I
Return of mobility II
Return of mobility III
Return of mobility IV
Return of mobility V
Exemption I
Exemption II
Exemption III
Exemption IV
Exemption V
Awakening I
Awakening II
Awakening III
Awakening IV
Awakening V
Removing the shackles I
Removing the shackles II
Removing the shackles III
Removing the shackles IV
Removing the shackles V
Armament I
Armament II
Armament III
Armament IV
Armament V
Live protection I
Live protection II
Live protection III
Live protection IV
Live protection V
Energy inflow I
Energy inflow II
Energy inflow III
Energy inflow IV
Energy inflow V
Regular crystals
Ruby crystal
Sapphire crystal
Heliodor crystal
Selenite crystal
Malachite crystal
Agate crystal
Magic crystals
Magic ruby crystal
Magic sapphire crystal
Magic heliodor crystal
Magic selenite crystal
Magic malachite crystal
Magic agate crystal
Crystal shards
Crystal shard
Magic crystal shard
Weapon skins
«Coral tree»
«Fiery blade»
«Flowering tree»
«Emerald zither»
«Maple sword»
«Glove of loyalty»
«Punishing bow»
«Brush of power»
«Frost blade»
«Brush of glitter»
«Zither bliss»
«Sword of youth»
«Hero's staff»
«Spiked glove»
«Eagle bow»
«Dragon pendant with thorns»
«Blade of dust»
«Dragon mountain pendant»
«Zither of gems»
«Heat sword»
«Staff of victory»
«Glove of Illusion»
«Death bow»
«Healing wings»
«Blade of threat»
«Wings of light»
«Melodic zither»
«Sword of might»
«Staff of stronghold»
«Glove of shadow»
«Accurate bow»
«Pendant of world»
«Blade of success»
«Pendant of earth»
«Imperial zither»
«Doom sword»
«Staff of terror»
«Glove of robbery»
«Bow of mountains»
Souls of magic weapons
Sunset reflections
Flashes of fire
Mountain wind
Echo of emptiness
Snow whirlwinds
Fragments of magic weapons
Purple sphere
Burning sphere
Jade sphere
Shimmering sphere
Dazzling sphere
Amulets of renewal
Amulet of sunset
Amulet of fire
Amulet of mountains
Amulet of desert
Amulet of blizzards
Shining stones
Green jasper
Blue jasper
Blue enamel
Green enamel
Amethyst quartz
White quartz
Ancient manuscripts
Canon of dynasty
Canon of kingdom
Canon of taoism
Book of changes
Philosophical treatise
Historical chronicle
Canon of wisdom
Book of rituals
Book of songs
Legendary canon
Guild resources
Golden pine
Diamond sand
Carved plate
Red sandalwood
Ice jasper
Magic land
Lava brick
Guild cards
Guild card I
Guild card II
Guild card III
Guild card IV
Guild card V
Items to enhance
Stone of potential
Magic stone of potential
Heavenly scroll
Magnificent emerald
Sacred tincture of righteous
Sacred tincture of crane
Exchange trophies
Hunter's trophy
Golden label
Constellation disk
Goddess portrait
Lord's medallion
Sign of 'Dragon'
Sign of 'Phoenix'
Damaged carapace
Potion of eternity
Demonic seal
Magic feather
Cold jasper
Star treatise
Guild merit sign
Seal of fire
Warrior seal
Hero sign
Wicker amulet
Other items
Magic flower
Amulet of redemption
Amulet of forgiveness
Magic horn
Name talisman
Spy's talisman
Sacred gate
Name plate
Guild name plate
Talisman of return
Seal of valor
Dragon hammer
Items to increase friendship
Silver decoration
Emerald decoration
Gold decoration
Bouquet of roses
Bouquet of luxurious roses
Huge bouquet of luxurious roses
Fragrant lilac
Crimson roses
Orchid inflorescence
Standard dye
Blue dye
Purple dye
Green dye
Golden dye
Coral dye
Scarlet dye
Sky blue dye
Violet dye
Olive dye
White dye
Gray dye
Portable warehouse (1 day)
Portable warehouse (3 days)
Portable warehouse (7 days)
Portable warehouse (30 days)
Portable warehouse
Roomy bag
Roomy warehouse
Roomy wardrobe
Golden dragon's gift
Golden dragon's hammer
Sphere of fortune
Tripod of fortune
Legendary sphere of fortune
Legendary tripod of fortune
Items for costumes
Silk threads
Scroll 'Folk Secrets'
Scroll 'Imperial clothes'
Shine of luxury
Honor points
Sign of adept
Sign of enthusiast
Potion 'Body vigor V'
Potion 'Body vigor IV'
Potion 'Body vigor III'
Potion 'Body vigor II'
Potion 'Body vigor I'
Scroll: Ideal
Scroll: Sample charm
Scroll: Heartbreaker
Scroll: Idol
Scroll: Sample courage
Scroll: Lovelace
Scroll: Shining beauty
Scroll: Crimson dragon
Scroll: Golden dragon
Scroll: Azure dragon
Scroll: Conqueror
Scroll: Mystic
Scroll: Keeper
Scroll: Peacemaker
Scroll: Prankster
Scroll: Master
Scroll: Ruler
Scroll: Lord
Moon scroll
Items for Wings and Secret Weapons
Secret seal
Ruby feather
Cursed sign
Rare nirvana
Mysterious nirvana
Enchanted nirvana
Charming nirvana
Unrepeatable nirvana
Transformer nirvana
Catalyst nirvan I
Catalyst nirvan II
Catalyst nirvan III