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The main feature of our new server is the study of all the elements and the mechanics of the game. This time we decided not to deviate from the original style of the game and did everything so that the players felt comfortable in the game. To achieve this goal, we put a huge amount of effort, so our server differs from others in the quality of the content, the content of the game and the balance of the game process. 
Perhaps it’s worth starting with what changes are present in the game relative to its standard version. So let's get started!



The very first thing a player encounters when entering the game is tasks. Their study took the most time and effort, but it was definitely worth it. Tasks play a very important role in introducing a new player to the game, explaining to him what instances, events, craft, clans and so on are. 
We did not work out any specific tasks, but the entire line as a whole. Now In the game it is precisely indicated which task is the main one and will open access to others, and which - side.



Events, like assignments, are a very important aspect of the game. At the moment, we do not have a single event that would not be relevant or that worked incorrectly. We kept the original appearance of most events, but redesigned those that did not fit into the gameplay.

Two events were completely reworked - “Dragon and Phoenix” and “Alchemist's Crucible”, and the rest were partially finalized. For example, now in the event "Ruins of Death" (formerly "Unexpected attack"), you no longer have to take a task each time you enter the instance and reassemble the group after passing it, now everything is done automatically.



We always found it difficult to give accurate information about rates, because this is a very specific indicator. The probability of getting most of the items in the game is exactly the same as in the standard version of the game, but, for example, the chance to get the philosopher's stone is 6 times higher. There are a lot of such moments. Somewhere they increased the amount of gold, but somewhere it was reduced. All this does not accurately determine the rate modifier, so we do not advertise it, so as not to mislead the players.


Pets and costumes

Pets in the game are no longer divided into strong and weak. Each of them has its own unique features and the player himself chooses what kind of assistant he wants to become the master of. There is no rebirth in pets and therefore the appearance of your pets will remain unchanged.

Costumes in the game, like pets, are also not divided into strong and weak. All of them give the same characteristics and have a unique appearance. When choosing a costume for a character, you will rely only on how they look, and not on what they give. 



The variety of guilds is very important, and we are well aware of this. We do not want players to gather in large guilds, which will significantly affect the entire policy of the in-game process. We prefer small (20-25 active players) teams that will interact with each other. That is why we reduced the maximum capacity of one guild from 50-275 players to 14-50. 

In addition, several new events will be added very soon, where guilds will compete with each other for primacy in the ranking. These are not necessarily PvP events, there will be PvE, with unique mechanics.



We processed all the equipment in the game from level 1 to 100, correcting the unfair distribution of characteristics in some types of equipment. Now it will be much easier for the player to understand the wide variety of equipment in the game. In addition, we have added several new equipment options for different levels. 

The main gems are now 9, not 6, as it was before. The help gem is now suitable not only for doctors, but also for other classes. 
Special gems with a unique way of extraction will now be encrusted into gems themselves.


Character Enhancements

Engraving, patterns, printing, inlaying - all this is balanced. Now each gain will have its own significance. Even engraving on armor, which were previously irrelevant from the word at all, will now significantly increase the survival of the character.



Mentoring primarily in the game is necessary so that experienced players interact with newcomers and help them in the game. That is why we abandoned the already existing concept, where "twins" were in the role of students. In our new concept, the mentor will receive a reward only if he really helps his student. 
This is a very successful mechanics that must be correctly applied, because in the future it can well affect the influx of new players.


New Events and Activities

Soon, when all the shortcomings and errors are fixed, we will add to the game team PvP events, local monsters, ratings for passing instances, finding treasures and various activities. 
We have very big plans for a variety of game content, but first you need to bring to mind what is already there.


Game Store and Donations

We were never greedy and no one received special privileges for money from us. Absolutely no player has received from us what others could not have received. This is our fundamental principle - if we made concessions for one player, then we must do the same for hundreds of others. 

The game store is not something unattainable for an ordinary player who plays without investment. This can confirm the top list of characters of our past server, in which only 15-20% of the players donated money for the development of the server.

Our view of all this is simple and understandable. A player who is willing to donate money to develop a server is exactly the same player as everyone else. He is also important online and the quality of the content on the server. This means that he will not help us if he is not interested. That is why we deal with the server as a game, and not as a way to make money.



In general, our server can be called a modified original of the game with pleasant, but not destroying the atmosphere of the game, innovations. We do not want to make the game session, and to force players to do the same thing every day. On the contrary, we want to give complete freedom of action, without focusing the player’s attention on anything specific. That is why we are trying to expand the player’s capabilities, rather than deepening them in one place. 

We also want to inspire the confidence of the players in us, having promised at least 2-3 years to maintain the server life and issue regular updates. We really love this business, and it is not just our hobby, but a job that we enjoy doing. 
We will not close the server simply because we are not interested. In no case!

The previous server has been active for 2 years and over the whole time more than 180 updates have been released (this is 7-8 updates per month). 
But alas, the server was closed due to the fact that we made a lot of conceptual errors when creating and maintaining the server. This time we have provided for everything and are ready to promise you that such a final will definitely bypass our new server.

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