Update 1.25


Vandal attack

  • The duration of the event was reduced from 60 to 30 minutes.
  • Significantly reduced the chance of falling guild merit badges.
  • The number of spheres that appears in a single wave is increased by 3 times
  • The duration of effects from the spheres was increased from 20/40 to 30/60 sec.
  • Prizes for prizes have been changed. You can find the full list in this news.


Treasure hunt

No matter how we were asked by the players to make the chimera "personal", we won’t do it. If the game initially implied that one player could take something from another, then it should remain so. But we made some amendments. Now, if a player wants to summon the demons of seven stars using the chimera of another player, then he will have to enter killer mode . In order to attack the demons themselves, the player will also have to be in killer mode.

The god of wealth now has no resistance to mutilation, but his health has been doubledBy the way, the same principle acts on him as on the chimeras of the night.


Dragon temple

All changes to the previous update have been canceled.


Other changes

  • Scraps of the canvas can now be immediately exchanged for 10 paintings.
  • Leader's rings can only be temporarily upgraded to level 60. But level 60 is still not fireproof.
  • Demons that are summoned on a mission called "Darkness Around", now receive not ordinary, but uncut gems. The chance of their loss was increased by 8 times. 
  • The initial stages of the mission "On Guard of Foundations" have been simplified.


Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug due to which the "Ghost Deer" skill did not remove an additional effect.
  • Fixed a bug due to which the task of "Sun Goddess II" could not be passed.
  • The error in the description of some skills has been fixed.
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