Update 1.27


blacksmith craft

A few updates back, we increased the amount of silver and jade from the analysis of equipment. In the same update, the amount of flax and brocade was increased by 2 times.


Change rewards from quests

We want to finally finish twin farming by replacing ordinary stones with personal (processed) stones in some tasks.

  • Anyone who has already completed tasks will lose nothing. 
  • Anyone who wants to lead the twins on assignments will change their mind. 
  • Beginners who will complete the tasks will get better stones, consuming less potential and giving more characteristics.


Skill Changes

Wand Master:

  • Recovery of HP from 'Surge' has been increased by 15-65%.


Leader's Rings

The leader’s rings have unique bonuses:

  • Ring of Wrath - when attacking, there is a chance to put an effect on the enemy that reduces his HP by 1% every second for 5 seconds.
  • Ring of Despair - When attacking, there is a chance to put an effect on the enemy, reducing its stability by 10% for 10 seconds.
  • Ring of Greed - When attacking, there is a chance to apply an effect on the enemy that reduces their lethality by 10% for 10 seconds.


Other changes

  • Fixed a bug due to which you got less experience for fertilizing seedlings than for watering them.
  • Now you can summon the demons of seven stars with the chimera of the night without the avenger / killer mode, if the character who called her is in the group with you.
  • Increased the number of death messengers on the path to the fiery mountain in the golden lands.
  • Updated 3 titles in the game - 'Monster', 'Lovelace', 'Heartbreaker'.
  • Bugs fixed in some tasks.
  • The description of some skills has been fixed.
  • Riding skill can now be used on the move, but its application time has been increased by 1.5 seconds. This decision was made based on a survey in our VKontakte group.
  • In a week we will hold a second vote, in which we find out whether to leave this change on an ongoing basis.
  • Bosses in the instances 'Ice Cave' and 'Fiery Gorge' now appear after killing four mini-bosses.
  • The +400 OZ and OM bonus on all suits was replaced by + 10% to the base OZ and OM values.


English customer

On the 23rd, we added English to the current client. Now it is being tested by English-speaking players. It will not be ready for a global release until next week.


About future updates

Now the server has a minimum number of errors. Starting with this update, we will devote more time to introducing new content, rather than fixing the errors of what already exists.

Finally, we can do what we planned a long time ago. 

  • First of all, we will introduce a mentoring system. In addition to your usual tasks, we have prepared something interesting for you!
  • New opportunities for couples. Mini-activities, new skills, joint daily tasks.
  • New local activities. Now we need alternative ways to get items to strengthen the character. These activities are precisely designed to solve this problem.
  • The ratings will appear. So far, only treasure hunt, as you have already seen on the last server. In the future, we plan to add ratings for various instances and events.
  • More information on the site. There will be a media section with all the titles, costumes, pets.
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