Update 6.1.4

Update 6.1.4


Jade Peak

Now we can finally fully implement this instance. Based on testing, we have weakened some bosses and their skills, but this did not affect all. If earlier the characteristics of the bosses were almost the same, now the last bosses will have more power than the bosses at the very beginning.

Loot from monsters and bosses is set in such a way as to stimulate the full passage of the instance. But even if you can't do it, you can still get a component to create enchanted equipment. 

You can see the full description of the passage and rewards from the NPC inside the instance.

Update 04/03/22 (update 6.1.5)

The reward from chests at the end of the instance has been increased. Full loot list:

  • Polished Gem (faceted Gem if Lonely Soul is killed)
  • Glimmering Philosopher's Stone (Philosopher's Stone, if Lonely Soul is killed)
  • ice crystal (we remind you that this is not their main mining method, but only an additional one)
  • jade pearl
  • dragon's hammer (if the goddess's chamberkeeper is killed, the number is doubled)
  • Random purple quality resource (if you killed the Goddess's Keeper and 8 rank III bosses) 
  • talisman of life (talisman of heaven if the goddess's chamber keeper and 8 rank III bosses are killed)
  • Nirvana levels 3-5 (if you killed the Goddess's Chamber Keeper and 8 rank III bosses)
  • Nirvana Catalyst I (if you killed the Goddess's Chamberlain, 8 rank III bosses, and a Lonely Soul)

Chance to drop Sizzling Light is 15% in total (1% from bosses at the beginning of Jade Peak, 1.5% from bosses in the depths of the Jade Peak and another 2% from Mistress of the Jade Peak and Guardian of the goddess's chamber). This chance remains unchanged.
As with all instances, increasing the chance of dropping loot increases the chance of dropping items.


Other changes

  • This decision has been mature for a long time, but now it has become clear that it is necessary: Mystery Cookies will no longer work in instances. 
  • Healers and musicians will no longer be able to cast skills on allies while they are in Assassin or Avenger Mode. In order to help your friends, you also need to enter one of these modes.


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