Plans for upcoming updates


After the release of update 6.1.0, we didn't have time to tell you about what to expect from further updates and how we generally see level 100 content.

From the very nearest, of course, there will be a new event for mining Ice Crystals. Along with this, there are plans for even more support for new players and changes to class skills. After that, we will be open to work on the updates that we talked about in update 6.0.0, namely:

  • new content for guilds;
  • PvP content;
  • reimagining costumes in the game, installing runes and embroidery for costumes (inlay);
  • a logical continuation of the mechanics of pets in the game, as well as new ways to strengthen them;
  • witch tower development;
  • world bosses (something bigger, fiery werewolf or dragons);
  • new gems;
  • new wings and secret weapons;

As promised, it's up to you to decide which of these updates comes first. Although it is noticeable from communication with you that updating guilds interests you the most.
Each of the above updates will take a different amount of time, and some will be merged and released in one update. In general, this will be clear in the process.

But many people already knew all this. Now let's move on to something that has not yet been voiced.

In the near future we will decide on the date of the tournament. Most likely, it will be in beginning of May.
In general, with tournaments for almost two years, everything was deplorable. Initially, we had big plans for them: various formats, regular events, unique rewards. But there was no desire to develop PvP content on an unfair and illogical stat system. Now we will try to catch up.

People were expecting to see class gear with the 6.1.0 update, but we've decided not to introduce it just yet. The fact is that level 100 content will not be limited to Jade Peak and a couple of new events. There will be more than one or two difficult top instances ahead, and along with them, class equipment will appear, which you, like us, love very much. Expect it, most likely, in late summer. But be warned - the new content will be quite complex and you should not think that it is more profitable to just wait for the release of class equipment and not upgrade your level 80-90 equipment now. Jade Peak turned out to be quite accessible only because it is only the beginning of everything that will be at level 100.

Unlike the previous server, in the two years of its existence, we have not used up even half of the entire content of the game, and with the new build, this is even less than a third. Although the new assembly and formulas cost us a lot of money, we were sure that it was worth it (and we were not mistaken). And it's all thanks to your donations.

Now we are gradually buying ads and trying our best to attract new players. And we would really like you to help them adapt to the game. You yourself understand that attracting new players is a very difficult task. And attracting new players to the unofficial server of the game, which has long been officially closed in Russia, is an even more difficult task.

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