Update 6.2.0


What we were asked about on the forum

  • Items warrior amuletsacred warrior amuletsacred talismandivine talisman can now fit in one cell.
  • For some items, the maximum number of items in one cell has been increased.
  • Several new "fast track" recipes have been added for the Refining, Craftingand Jewelcrafting crafts.
  • Removed all notifications from Treasure Chests and Tripods of Fortune (except the most important one).
  • Equipment disassembly time is reduced as much as possible.
  • Dragon relics can now be placed in the warehouse.
  • Nirvana titles now display their level as well.
  • Cave of Despair, Mountain Paths, and Jade Altar instances no longer require a party to enter, and higher-level instances require a party of at least two, down from three.

Some of these changes have been implemented since version 6.1.15


Major changes

  • Updated rewards for over 300 quests (mainly up to level 80).
  • Reduced the amount of required experience from level 80 to 99 inclusive.
  • Increased the chance of looting books Gatherer III-IV and Forager III-IV.
  • Increased the number of uncut gems in gem placers.
  • Increased the chance of catching golden carp (if the statue is present).
  • You can now be sent to the Jade Peak for the quests Code of Honor, Guarding the Foundations, and Seeking Knowledge.
  • Added the ability to parse the constellation into fading stars.
  • A set bonus has been added for Ancient and Decayed equipment.
  • Set bonuses for Seven Winds and Blizzard are now displayed more compactly.
  • Increased loot from God of Wealth and Demon of Abundance.
  • Maps now display all teleport crystals.
  • The Dragon Altar has been completely reworked in terms of loot. Now, on average, it is equal to eight times the production for the passage of the dragon temple (even resource deposits). The strength of the monsters has also increased significantly.



  • Crippled: skill range reduced from 15 to 2 meters. Like the good old ones.
  • Mastery: The maximum number of effects has been increased to 20 (at the maximum level), and the effect itself has become stronger in a long battle.
  • Arcane Attainment: Increases lifesteal instead of critical strike chance and power, and has a 50% chance to inflict Soul of the Sword.
  • Elemental Rampage: Increases chance to ignore attacks instead of damage resistance.
  • Gust of Wind: Now increases damage resistance instead of duration.
  • Eradication of Evil: Increases armor ignore instead of speed.
  • Blossom: Instead of speed, armor negation is increased.
  • Celestial Insight: Armor Ignore is increased instead of Speed.
  • Final Assault: Armor Ignore is increased instead of Speed.
  • Arcane Enchantment: Instead of being more likely to ignore an attack, it increases turmoil resistance.
  • Masterful Swordsman: Instead of ignoring physical damage resistance, increases the enemy's resistance ignoring (sword skills only).


  • Hidden Power: This skill now increases the damage of blade skills as well as defense. Decrease in speed and increase in the duration of the use of skills went into oblivion.
  • Melee Weapons: Changed from a fixed amount of Critical Strike to a percentage increase to all Critical Strike.


  • Hurricane: Increased block chance and resilience, removed weakness resistance.
  • Typhoon: Instead of reducing damage absorption, now increases damage taken (Monsters only).
  • Infusion of Strength: Increased the cooldown of this skill. Health regeneration is now a percentage and damage resistance has been increased.
  • Penetrate Defense: Increased armor reduction.
  • Strength of the Thousands: Increased resilience/lethality scaling.
  • Last Buff: Instead of Chance to Block, reduces Critical Strike Ignore. Increased resilience/lethality reduction.
  • Sleeping Dragon: Increased stat reduction.
  • Might: The skill has been fully updated. It now deals damage,has a short cooldown, and has alarger attack radius!
  • Invisible: Increased damage resistance.
  • Mail: Instead of increasing resistance to weakness and confusion, increases resistance to all types of effects, but to a lesser extent. Reduced damage absorption.
  • Crush Mountains: now the skill has no effects, but increases the damage dealt depending on the enemy’s missing health (it has a complex animation, which is why the emphasis was shifted from the effect to damage).
  • Dragon Spikes: Increased proc chance and minimum mana required.
  • Fortitude: Reduced the bonus to Block Chance, Max HP, and Damage Reduction.
  • Dragon Fury: Decreased the bonus to Block Chance, Max HP, and Damage Increase.
  • Wrathful Dragon: Increased cooldown.


  • Shooting Star: Animation Changed
  • Trap: Reduced effect duration bonus.
  • Ghost Arrow: Reduced the bonus to hit chance. Now it is the same as the increase in critical strike chance.
  • Tight Bowstring: Replaced the knockback effect with additional damage on a critical hit.
  • Evasiveness: Skill removed.
  • Added 3 new active skills to skill tree 4 that will passively increase one of your stats: critical strike chance, dodge chance, or weapon damage. Only one effect can be activated.
  • On the Trail: Instead of passively increasing Critical Strike and Hit Chance when using a Volley, the next Volley will deal more damage.
  • Chains: Skill removed.
  • Star Trek: Replacement skill above. Depending on the effect applied to the character, evasion, lethality, or physical attack will be increased. Also increases movement speed.
  • Starstrike: Depending on the effect applied to the character, the dodge chance, critical strike chance, or weapon damage will be increased.
  • Second Wing: Depending on the effect applied to the character, the dodge chance, critical strike chance, or weapon damage will be increased.
  • Into the Sky: Increases dodge chance, critical strike chance, or weapon damage depending on the effect applied to the character.
  • Stardust: Depending on the effect applied to the character, the dodge chance, critical strike chance, or weapon damage will be increased.


  • Aura: Instead of armor, bonus damage is increased.
  • Shatter: Increased the duration of the effect, but reduced the damage dealt (from the effect).
  • Terrible Explosion: Increased cast time.
  • Wind Ward: Skill removed.
  • Solar Embrace: A replacement for the skill above. Increases offensive stats but reduces damage resistance.
  • Resist Chaos: Increased cast time.
  • Spirits of the Ancestors: The effect now restores AP.
  • Yang Protection: Decreased the duration of the effect.
  • Star Enchantments: Added an increase in critical strike chance and chance to hit.
  • Arcane Power: The duration of the effect has been greatly increased, but the amount by which the cast time of skills has been reduced has been reduced.
  • Radiant barrier: a new skill in the 4th branch. Increases the duration of Yang Protection.


  • Inspire: Increases durability instead of lethality.
  • Lunar Wind: Reduced mana cost to scale with health regen.
  • Blood Brotherhood: Increased skill cooldown, slightly reduced damage absorption.
  • Heartsick: This skill now deals damage.
  • Ghost Beam: Increased cast time.
  • Water Surface: Instead of increasing resistance, damage taken will decrease based on the character's mana.
  • Ice Armor: Removed conflicting skills.
  • Ice Blood: Added conflict skill - Singing Lark.
  • Cold moon: beautiful... effect. Now the resistance is reduced not only to magical, but also to physical damage.
  • Full Moon: Replaced lifesteal with a new effect that prevents you from receiving critical hits while on low health.
  • Clear Moon: Instead of negating debuffs, this skill now increases lifesteal, as well as the damage of all moon skills based on the enemy's mana.


  • Old Poison: Animation has been replaced.
  • Datura: Increased critical hit reduction.
  • Total Eclipse: Instead of reducing speed, the cast time of skills will be increased. The animation has also been changed.
  • Shapeshifting: Reduced attack penalty.
  • Sorrow: The skill is now cast instantly.
  • Pulse beat: animation has been replaced.
  • Agility: Skill removed.
  • Healing Poison: An experimental skill that depends entirely on the power of healing spells. The higher the power of healing spells, the higher the damage of the skill, as well as therestoration of health.
  • Singing Lark: Removed the old conflict skills, but added a new one - Frostblood. Removed mana regeneration effect, reduced turmoil resistance gain.
  • Lucky Flowers: This skill now increases the hit and critical strike chance of healer skills based on the strength of healing spells.


  • Echoes of Thunder: Reduced chance of applying effects.
  • Dragon's Call: Instead of ignoring a critical strike, reduces the chance of a critical strike.
  • String Squeak: The effect of the skill now reduces resistance to both physical and magical damage, but to a lesser extent.
  • Loud Grind: Instead of reducing damage to the enemy, allows allies to regenerate health from the damage dealt to the target.
  • Ringing Strings: Instead of reducing the chance of a critical strike, it reduces the ignore of a critical strike.
  • Melody movement: animation has been replaced. It got much better.
  • Alarm melody: animation has been replaced. Increased the casting time of the skill.
  • Soulful Ballad: Effect increased.
  • Inspirational Melody: The effect is enhanced.
  • String Symphony: The effect is enhanced.
  • Marvelous Motif: The effect is enhanced.
  • Imperial Anthem: Increased effect, but added a movement speed penalty.
  • Spring Warble: Added a movement speed penalty.
  • Zither Strike: Animation has been replaced.
  • Sad music: animation has been replaced. Instead of reducing speed, reduces enemy damage.
  • Permissiveness: Effect increased.
  • Wrathful Chant: Reduced the chance of stacking effects.


Other skills
  • Focus: Increased recharge time.
  • Enlightenment: Decreased turmoil resistance gain (passive buff to Soul Light).
  • Immortals: Reduced damage reduction (passive buff to Soul Light).


General provisions

The damage of absolutely all skills has been changed. The mana requirements have also changed.

We have tried to reduce the difference in damage between the strongest and weakest skills, and also significantly reduced the damage of mass skills.

  • Sword
    Let's see what the sword with confusion will be like. Of course, we could give him control skills, but we would not want to copy existing classes.
    The new system of critical strikes, as well as the ability to ignore 25% of the resistance of the enemy should make this class even more relevant and even necessary to some extent. 
  • Blade
    Klass was good before, maybe even too much. Therefore, there were no significant changes. But even along with the strengthening of other classes, the blade will definitely not lose its relevance.
  • The Staff
    The Staff felt good before the upgrade. We just tightened up the weak points and diversified the set of skills.
  • Bow
    Many people have been asking for something to do with onions for a long time. The way it looks now, we really like it. Let's hope that after two years of unsuccessful attempts, true archers still prefer him as the main class.
  • Sun
    Removal of a vestige of wind protection gave life to a new skill that can further increase the damage of this class. We advise you to pay attention to the new Mysterious Power. The skill can now really help in combat. Moving half the duration of the Yang Protection effect to the 4th branch will protect the sun as a class from the status "only good as an additional one". 
  • Moon
    Three new skills with unique mechanics that we had to work hard for. Since PvP will last longer after changing the formulas for critical strikes, the ability of the moon warrior to deplete mana, and therefore increase the damage dealt, will give this class a second life. The warrior of the moon is like no other suitable for fighting at a long distance.
  • Healer
    It's now quite dangerous to buff a healer as a health regenerating class (due to the increased survivability). Therefore, we decided to increase his offensive performance. Chance to hit will make it possible to impose negative effects from skills, and the chance of a critical hit will not be far behind other classes in damage. 
  • Zither
    We mainly tried to strengthen the zither as a support class. It seems to have worked out.

Critical hit

One of the goals of this update is to reduce overall damage taken in PvPNot that this is a critical problem, but we would like to increase the duration of PvP, at least in order to fully reveal some classes, their skills and, in general, everything that could be used in a longer battle. But along with this, another problem was discovered - the inability to scale some very important characteristics, namely, probabilitystrength and ignoring a critical hitWith each subsequent update, we will add new content, including new ways to strengthen the character. But some characteristics have a quite limited range of possible values ​​(for example, 0-100%). This means that if the game already has a sufficient number of buffs of a certain characteristic, then it is no longer possible to add new ones, but if they do appear, then all the old ones will have to be weakened. And such a vicious circle does not bode well. And besides, with an overabundance of everything related to a critical hit, lethality and stability become irrelevant (why increase lethality if you can eat porridge, which in terms of efficiency will be equal to tens of thousands of some kind of lethality?). 

Here is our recipe for getting rid of this scourge:

All bonuses related to critical strike now have no % (except skill buffs). The higher the characteristic, the less effective it is. For example, increasing critical strike chance from 0 to 100 will give you an actual 15% critical strike chance, while increasing from 100 to 200 will only add 9-10%Here is an approximate ratio of the old and new probability of a critical (the same for ignoring a critical hit):

  • 10% before = 15% after
  • 20% before = 24% after
  • 30% before = 30% after
  • 40% before = 36% after
  • 60% before = 46% after
  • 80% before = 55% after
  • 100% before = 63% after

The situation is slightly different for Critical Strike Power (decreasing effectiveness is much slower). In general, it’s even good that at the beginning this indicator increases rapidly - for beginners this will be a definite plus:

  • 10% before = 19% after
  • 20% before 31% after
  • 30% before 40% after
  • 40% before 49% after
  • 60% before 63% after
  • 80% before 77% after
  • 100% before 89% after

For a better understanding, consider a real example. Let's say you have 800 critical strike chance (actual 55% ), and your opponent has 300 critical strike ignore (actual 30% ). If your lethality and resilience are equal, your total critical strike chance is 25%. If your lethality is more than 4 times higher, then the probability will be already 50%, and if vice versa, then 12.5%

Critical strike chance bonuses from skills remained at a percentage. If you attack with a skill with an additional 20% Critical Strike Chance, then your actual Critical Strike Chance will be 75% (example above). And already from this value, ignoring the critical strike of the enemy will be subtracted and, in general, the final result will decrease or increase, depending on the ratio of lethality and stability. Previously, skill bonuses were calculated after the chance of a critical strike was increased or decreased by the ratio of lethality and resilience. Now they will be multiplied by the coefficient of this same ratio, as well as the usual probability of a critical strike.

So what's the bottom line? Why is all this complexity necessary? We answer.
Lethality and resilience will become more relevant, Chance, Strength and Ignore Critical Strike won't one day become useless stats, and overall survivability in PvP will increase (should at least). In addition, such changes will have a positive effect on class features and, in general, some skills.

It is likely that the new formulas will need to be improved. But we will find out only after a few days.

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