Update 6.2.2


Formula Changes

Increased the rate at which critical strike chance increases at low values, but decreased at high values. 

Ignoring a critical hit will now be subtracted from the chance of a critical hit, and this will add up to the final chance. In addition, we fixed a bug due to which this characteristic could not take negative values.

The strength of the critical hit has changed almost imperceptibly.

Reduced the effectiveness of Healing Spell Power for Maim and Heal by 25%.
The following statement is now true: 10000 healing spell power on a level 100 character increases maim damage and healing by ~100%.


Monster health changes

The health of all monsters in the game has been halved, as well as the damage they take. This is to ensure that all injuries are  more effective against monsters with more health.


Skill Changes

All skills that have additional damage (i.e. injuries) have been reworked. Basically, they were weakened. 

Several skills have also been changed separately:

  • Arcane Acquisition:  Lifesteal is doubled.
  • Blood Brotherhood: Restore health to allies and deal damage to enemies, the effect of the skill will be every 3 seconds in the amount of 2% of HP (of the character’s health), and not 1% every second.
  • Bloodlust: Reduced the damage dealt from the character's maximum HP.
  • Clear Moon: Lifesteal is doubled.
  • Healing Poison: Skill base damage reduced by 25%.
  • Lucky Flowers: The bonus to Critical Strike and Hit Chance will now be given per 1500/1125/750 healing spell power, up from 1200/900/600.
  • Zither Strike: Skill radius increased to 15 meters.
  • Deafening Sound: Instead of a radius, increases the chance of a critical strike.


New chat and new font

We have completely updated the design of the chat in the game, as well as the font in it. Now it can be freely moved around the screen.
The new font has also been used for all tooltips that appear when hovering over an item, equipment, skill, and so on. We found it to be clearer. In a week or two, we will conduct a survey in which the issue of further use of this font will be decided.


Global changes

  • Health patterns have been weakened and defense patterns increased.
  • Reduced bonuses to maximum HP in some effects, skills and power-ups.
  • Changed the maximum number of available skill points, starting at level 50. At level 100, this value will be 360.
  • Points for captured columns during the arena battle will now be awarded every 3 seconds. The rest of the logic of the event has not changed.
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