Update 6.3.0



The maximum level of guild buildings, including the guild itself, has been increased to 10.

Changed the formula for calculating maximum guild capacity from 14 + 4 per level to 20 + 2 per level. Thus, a level 5 guild will accommodate 30 players, and a level 10 guild - 40 players.

Guild Quests

The tasks "Gathering resources" and "Guarding the order" can now be completed 10 times a day (2 stages of 5 tasks each). The reward for them has been doubled, as well as the difficulty of completing.

Quest "In Search of Knowledge" has been removed.

Increased the amount of treasury for completing a trade task. As a reward, you can get guild merit badges and the more charm you have, the more likely the reward will be doubled.
In addition, we have updated all trade routes. If the product was bought in city A, then the price of its sale will be the highest in those cities that are most difficult to reach. The most banal routes that do not require passage through several locations, in general, retained their markup coefficients for goods. 

Guild buffs

Updated all buffs for the guild. Not only their quality has grown, but also the quantity:

  • Gift of the Warrior: Physical and magical attack +2500, lethality +3000, accuracy +5000.
  • Heaven's Gift: Physical and Magic Defense +3500, Resilience +3000, Evasion +5000.
  • Gift of the Taoist: Critical Strike Chance +150, Critical Strike Strength +300.
  • Gift of the Goddess: resistance to all types of damage +250, damage absorption +200.
  • Prosperity Gift: experience + 200%, gold + 100%, trophies + 50%.
  • Gift of Spring: Diligence Recovery +25, Luck +25, Wits +50.
  • Gift of the Strategist: PvE damage dealt +25%, PvE damage taken -25%, movement speed +25%.

This is the maximum level of power-ups available at guild level 9-10. 
The maximum number of boosts for the guild per day increases every 3 levels:

  • Guild level 1-3: 1 gain.
  • Guild level 4-6: 2 buffs.
  • Guild level 7-9: 3 buffs.
  • Guild level 10: 4 buffs.

Multiple buffs can now be activated at the same time (adjustments may be made).

Guild Skills

All guild skills have been reworked. Here is a complete list of them:

  • Hardening
    Increases maximum HP by 150-15000, maximum MP by 50-5000, and maximum AP by 6-600.
  • Hearty Food
    Increases your maximum Zeal by 10-1000 and your Zeal regeneration by 2-8.
  • Seal of the Dragon
    Increases base stats by 0.5-50%.
  • Prosperity
    Increases the chance of dropping loot by 0.25%-25% and gold received from killing monsters by 0.5%-50%.
  • Ferocity
    Increases physical and magical damage by 2-200.
  • Bastion
    Increases resistance to physical and magical damage by 2-200.
  • Unstoppable
    Increases critical strike chance by 1-100 and critical strike power by 2-200.
  • Dominance
    Increases damage dealt and reduces damage taken by 0.1%-10% during arena battles and stronghold sieges.
  • Rapture
    Increases the recovery of HP and MP from pellets, powders and elixirs by 2%-200%.

Now the increase for increasing the level of the skill does not grow linearly, but increases every 10 levels. For example, increasing Ferocity level from 1 to 2 will give an increase of 2 damage, and from 10 to 11 - already 4. Thus, a significant increase in the difficulty of researching skills at high levels is justified. 

Also, we have significantly reduced the guild costs for learning the skill, but increased the personal costs.

A bit of theory:
Having started the research of a skill, the guild will automatically increase the progress of its research every hour, while spending resources and the treasury of the guild. Each skill requires a certain amount of research points. For each guild level, the amount of points that is added to the progress of skill research in automatic mode increases by 10. Thus, at guild level 10, a skill that requires 500 points will be researched in 5 hours (100 points every hour). In addition, the order also affects the speed of researching skills: at 9999 order in the guild, the speed of researching skills will increase by 50%, and at 0 order it will slow down by 50%. So at guild level 10 with the maximum order, you can research skills at a rate of 150 points / hour.

All this theory is necessary to understand how ancient manuscripts work. As you know, there are 10 types of them. With their help, you can increase the progress of researching skills by 10-100. Since the quest "In Search of Knowledge" has been removed, the only way to get it now is through the "Power of Unity" event. But now you will not receive a random manuscript, but a specific one, depending on the level of your guild. When you use a manuscript to research a skill, the guild spends the same amount of resources and treasury as would be spent in 1 hour of automatic skill research. And yes, the order does not affect the number of skill research points when using a manuscript.

A little sad:

  • All skill research progress has been redone for the new system. 
  • All already learned guild skills from the players will be deleted (the spent contribution can be returned by purchasing a return stamp in the store on the last tab).
  • Let's be honest - not all the costs of research and learning skills are compensated. But such is the sacrifice of innovation.

Unity power

Now a new map is used for the event (similar to the "Mountain Halls"). The whole location will be divided into 4 halls, which can be separately configured with the appropriate crystal at the entrance, with which you can select the level of monsters and their additional strength (this will directly affect the gold that you get for killing monsters).

There are 100 monsters in each hall. They will be resurrected separately, not in waves. For killing monsters, you will receive gold immediately in your inventory (including all bonuses and rates). When killing monsters, there is a chance to summon a Taoist of the Tomb or Guardian of the Hall.

When killing a certain number of monsters, your guild will replenish the treasury and resource warehouse, and its members will gain experience.

  • 1000 monsters: 50000 treasury and 10 resources
  • 3000 monsters: 150000 treasury and 30 resources
  • 6000 monsters: 300000 treasury and 60 resources
  • 10000 monsters: 500,000 treasury and 100 resources
  • 15000 monsters: 750000 treasury and 150 resources

Killing Tomb Daoists counts as killing 10 normal monsters, and killing a Hall Guardian counts as killing 100 normal monsters.

In addition, from time to time, enhancement stones with one of the following bonuses will appear in the corners of the location:

  • gold for killing monsters increased by 50%
  • chance to summon a Taoist Tomb or Hall Guardian increased by 50%
  • monster spawn time doubled
  • killing one monster counts as killing two monsters.

After activating the stone, bonuses will be valid for 5 minutesAnd keep in mind that if at least one stone has appeared, then another cannot appear at that time.

At the recruiter inside the location, you can see the number of killed monsters, players in the location, as well as the amount of gold received by all guild members. In addition, you can activate common loot from him, the principle of which is as follows: when killing a monster, the base gold (without your bonuses and rates) will be divided among everyone who is in the location and multiplied by their personal bonuses and rates. Such a bonus will increase the amount of gold received by 10%.

And most importantly, hunting halls are allocated to the entire guild, and not to a separate group.

Arena Dungeons

I had to remove all the developments and abandon this idea. Initially, we thought to update not just the presence of the arena, but the presence of a certain arena with its own mini-instance, inside which a strong boss with a unique reward would be waiting for you. And in general, give more incentive to capture and hold them. But then I remembered the defense of the arenas... I remembered twice (they also practiced on the previous server). In general, I do not want to step on the same rake for the third time. Sometime later...

New event

Replacement for the Vandal Attack event. We will publish the description of the event later as a separate topic on the forum. 


Significantly enhanced all types of costume firmware. In addition, we have abandoned the separation of firmware for warriors and magicians. Now they have the following bonuses:

  • Courage
    Wits +5-30. Luck +5-30. Authority +30-180.
    Strength +15-90. Intelligence +15-90. Focus +15-90.
    Physical and magical attack +200-1200. Physical and magical damage +20-120. Additional damage +40-240. Block Ignore +1%-6%.
  • Power
    Wits +5-30. Luck +5-30. Authority +30-180.
    Stamina +15-90. Wisdom +15-90. Agility +15-90. 
    Physical and magical protection +280-1680. Resistance to all types of damage +20-120. Damage absorption +20-120. Block Chance +1%-6%.
  • Honor
    Wits +5-30. Luck +5-30. Authority +30-180.
    Strength +15-90. Intelligence +15-90. Focus +15-90.
    Lethality +240-1440. Accuracy +400-2400. Critical Strike Chance +10-60. Critical Strike Strength +20-120. Chance to hit +1%-6%.
  • Will
    Wits +5-30. Luck +5-30. Authority +30-180.
    Stamina +15-90. Wisdom +15-90. Agility +15-90. 
    Resilience + 240- 1440. Evasion + 400- 2400. Critical Hit Ignore + 10- 60. Healing Spell Power + 250-1500. Dodge Chance +1%-6%.

You can now upgrade the costume from orange quality to purpleSuits that are stitched will double the effect of stitching, and unique suits will have their own bonuses.

Costumes can be upgraded with matching patches, which can be crafted in the sewing craft or the smelterTo create them, you will need a lot of silk threads, cotton, brocade, linen and the sheen of luxury.
There are also bonuses in the wardrobe from improved costumes, but we didn’t make them too strong, since silk threads will really be needed a lot and it would be wrong of us to impose a treasure hunt on players.

The bonuses of all unique costumes have been increased.

This is just the beginning of the expansion of costume mechanics. Soon it will be possible to enhance costumes with runes, as well as encrust something in them...


  • Sun Warrior's Rising Sun skill now increases all attack stats by 2%-4% and chance to hit by 5%-10%.
  • Some healer and zithra AoE abilities now only work for the group. Single skills can still select a target outside the group if you are in the same guild.

Ash Dragon Chest

Added Ash Dragon chests and keys to the in-game store for 70 and 50 pearls respectively. In sets, you can buy several chests and keys at once with a small discount.

Three unique rewards can be found inside these chests: the Spirit Dragon title, the Ash Dragon Costume, and the Ash Dragon itself (assistant pet).

In addition to the store, the chest can be obtained for the complete passage of the dragon altar.

Other changes

  • Grass and food have been removed from monsters in the Altar and Dragon Temple as loot.
  • When mining inside the Altar and Dragon Temple, you will no longer receive Dragon and Phoenix Tokens during the Dragon and Phoenix event.
  • Ball Lightning can now be trained without a guild. You can buy books to learn this skill from Lulu next to the witch tower.

Message to the players

August didn't work out at all. Sorry for such a long wait for an update. We will catch up at a faster pace. From now on, it is unlikely that we will talk about any dates. Updates will be released when they are ready. 

As an apology, we will increase the rates until September 11 inclusive:

  • Experience +150%
  • Gold +75%
  • Trophies +50%

In addition to rates, there will also be a 50% bonus on donations. As always, this bonus stacks with standard bonuses.

Soon we'll be adding a few more nice additions to this update, which we had to put aside due to the pressing deadlines. There will also be something interesting!:)

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