Halloween 2022!


Description of the event

With the start of Halloween, Pumpkinhead Joe will arrive in the Lost City to search for heroes who can help him remove the curse from Isabella - his queen. Joe will offer you a chain of 20 different quests for which you can get a generous rewardPlease note that you can only start completing quests after you have fully completed the main quests in the Emerald Lands and reached level 80.

In addition to the main quest chain, Joe will also offer you three daily quests:

  • Complete three random instances
  • Take part in two random events
  • Complete one random daily quest

Please note that when completing daily quests, only the one who finished off the monster will receive the badge (quest item).

For completing tasks, you will receive mysterious pumpkinsbat mapswitch boxes and keys to them.

After completing all of Joe's tasks, you will receive the title "Pumpkinhead" for 13 days.

The event will last until November 13 inclusive.

Mysterious pumpkins

Anything can be found inside the mysterious pumpkins. You can get them for completing tasks, searching for treasures on bat maps, as well as inside witch boxes.

Bat maps

During Halloween, you can do a treasure hunt with bat maps in the Emerald Lands. Please note that you will have to look for treasures throughout the location, and not in a separate area.

Finding treasure with bat maps is a little different than what you are used to, but the loot will be much better.

Witch boxes

Pay attention to the following rewards: witch 's soul, demon 's soul, raven's eyecursed mirror and demon's horn.

By combining three components with the soul of a witch or demon, you can create a witch or demon ring that has unique properties.

Please note that you will not be able to create two rings of a witch or a demon. Only one ring of each type.
If you are unlucky with the characteristics, then you can buy a soul renewal talisman in the store to upgrade them.

Halloween masks

For completing daily tasks, Joe will offer you a choice of one of five masks:

  • Pokénot Mask: Movement Speed ​​+20%, Loot Chance +40%.
  • Fox Mask: Movement Speed ​​+20%, Gold Gain +80%.
  • Bear Mask: Movement Speed ​​+20%, Experience Gain +200%.
  • Demon Mask: Movement Speed ​​+20%, Attack Stats +1000/1200/2000
  • Witch Mask: Movement Speed ​​+20%, Defensive Stats +1400/1200/2000

The mask is active only for a day, after which it disappears. This means that every new day you will be able to choose a new mask for yourself.

Discounts in the store

During the event, the store will have discounts on almost the entire range of products!

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