Winter plans


After the update of guilds, in which we added a new level of costume firmware, our plans were to further reveal this mechanic: strengthening costumes with runes and inlaying them. But already in the process, it became clear that there was simply nowhere to add amplification runes and items for inlay. In other words, the current content in the game has already been mastered and adding something new to it makes no sense, because there is no interest in this. This applies not only to costumes, but also to everything that was in our plans (gems, pets, wings, secret weapons, equipment).

Based on this, we took the most obvious option - increasing the level cap to 110 and introducing new locations, instances and events that will host new content. By all accounts, Jade Peak is the most successful instance we've ever made. It is in this vein that we will continue to make new instances (there are already three of them in the plans).
The great thing about the new content is that now we no longer have to stick to some kind of framework set by the original game. For example, the Underground Fortress initially has an instance base behind it, in which enhancement crystals, components for creating clan weapons, keys of interpretation and uncut gems should be mined. And you can’t move away from this pattern, because each new stage / location in the game involves a couple of instances with certain mechanics. But, for example, with the Tomb and the storyteller, we can do whatever we want.
The frames also apply to new locations. It is unlikely that we will continue to add new long storylines with hundreds of tasks, as we did before. Rather, we will focus on creating a small number of very difficult tasks for each new location with a generous reward, rather than doing "bring your brother some pies, he's hungry" quests.

Here is a list of what we want to do:

  • Increasing the maximum level to 110;
  • Introduction of the Dawn Coast location;
  • Several dozens of difficult tasks in a new location;
  • Three new complex instances designed for group passage;
  • New events;
  • Several types of new equipment (including class equipment);
  • New wings and secret weapons;
  • New types of gems;
  • Further strengthening of pets;
  • Strengthening suits;
  • Rather, an expansion rather than an update to the witch tower (new rooms, monsters, bosses);
  • Guild instance;
  • New branches of tablets;
  • Development of a personal estate;
  • A logical continuation for the skills of teachers Denu, Tane, Faishen, as well as the skills of enlightenment.

Of course, all this will not be done right away, but at least half of it will definitely be at the time of the release of the update. The update itself will probably come out this winter.

We will not say anything about PvP for now, because every time any of our plans to look in this direction always end in dissatisfaction: the balance is not the same, it's imba, then it's too weak. If we did not pay attention to this, then there would be more tournaments, as well as the number of PvP events (even the Vandal Attack lost PvP, because you wanted it that way).

Before the release of the described update, we plan to make changes both to the formulas and to some power-ups in the game. This will happen in the next few weeks. Just in time for the update to be developed, we will be able to test the new system in practice.

A few important announcements:

  • All communication from now on goes to the forum. The answer to any of your messages regarding the game in VK will be a link to the forum. 
    For all the time, many players who are not yet familiar with the game were interested in the "database" on the game. But each time I had to answer: study it yourself, ask the players. Let's hope that such a forced transition to the forum will encourage you to create content that would be useful for beginners. 
  • The dragon lottery will be updated next year, and all existing dragon hammers in players' inventories will be replaced with platinum bars (not at a very favorable rate). So, if you have several hundred of these hammers lying around, then it's time to spend them. We will announce the exact date at least a month in advance.
  • Some time after the appearance of new gems, we will probably change the characteristics of the suspension of inspiration (namely movement speed). This is due to the fact that the game does not like tenths of a percent as a movement speed, which can cause errors. The same applies to gems that increase movement speed. About how the replacement will take place and for what, we will tell later.
  • Refusal of the referral system in the new year. Alas, practice has shown that the system is more often used to receive bonuses on twins. And many confirmed referrals eventually became twins. I don’t want to delve into the varieties of twins, so we will turn off the system completely. It will be frozen for the moment (new referrals will not be confirmed, but rewards for already confirmed referrals can still be received).
  • Most likely, next year we will abandon the division of damage resistance into PvP and PvE. Only two types of damage will remain for everyone - physical and magical. We will tell you more about how the replacement of seals will take place closer to the point.
  • Since the game store has hardly changed in more than two years and the main items in it were talismans, which few people need now, next year we plan to supplement it with new items. Of course, these will not be stones, resources and other important items to strengthen the character, but this should be something that will be in demand. Now almost all pearls are exchanged for gold. This, of course, is not bad, but now the store is more irrelevant than ever and something needs to be done about it.
    Usually the developers do not announce such things and the players will find out about it after the fact, but we decided to say it because we think that you will treat it with understanding. And besides, you will have to pay for the next item :)
  • Already next year, we will have the opportunity to influence global things in the game: adding new and expanding existing mechanics (as, for example, with formulas), all sorts of "conveniences" in the form of an expanded inventory, a new strip of effects on the character, as well as additional database panel. In general, everything that we could not reach for 4 years already.

Discuss on the forum.

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