Update 6.4.0


Changes in the combat system

To begin with, it’s worth starting with what we basically considered a problem in the combat system in order to change something:

  1. Probability of dodging and hitting and the superiority of dodge over defense.
  2. Calculation of coefficients depending on the ratio of characteristics (a complex concept, but we will explain later).
  3. Absence of a soft cap when calculating some characteristics (we will explain what a soft cap is below).
  4. Irrelevance of lethality.
  5. Too high reliance on critical chance, and too much difference in damage between critical and non-critical hits. One depends on the other.
  6. Too much difference in survivability between tanks and other characters. A lot of problems follow from this.
  7. Physical damage.
  8. Confusion resistance.
  9. Resist physical and magical damage.
  10. Extra damage per damage absorption.
  11. Skill Threat.


Evasion and Hit Probability and Evasion Over Defense

The main problem with dodge and hit probability is that the principle of their work is inherited from standard formulas, which we abandoned almost a year ago. Here's how it works now:
After calculating the accuracy and evasion, the probability of hitting the enemy is calculated. Let's say it will be 80%. And this is where the probabilities come into play. +20% dodge chance will turn that 80% into 60%. But to get the same 20% by increasing evasion, you have to add several tens of thousands (if the accuracy is, for example, 30000) of normal evasion, which is obviously much more complicated and less effective.
Also note that the minimum probability of hitting the enemy is 25%.

Here is how it will work now:

Using the example above - 80% chance to hit after calculating accuracy and evasion. But now +20% dodge chance will work differently. In this case, 20% will turn into (100% - 80%) * 20%, that is, 4%. The total hit chance will decrease from 80% to 76%. If in words, then the percentage to the probability of evasion is not calculated from absolute 100%, but from the probability of evasion obtained from the calculation of the usual evasion and accuracy.
If we tried to calculate 20% to the probability of hitting, we would get 84%. That is, the % increase to the probability of hitting is calculated in the same way as the percentage of the probability of evasion, but works in the opposite direction.
Thus we eliminated the primacy of the probability of evasion over the usual evasion and made them secondary characteristics, as they should be.

Another important change is the minimum chance of hitting the enemy - 50%, not 25%. Here's why:
When we first started developing new formulas, we tried to just transfer what was already there, correcting the main problem - a sharp drop in coefficients from the ratio of characteristics. At that time, we still didn’t think about the balance of characteristics among ourselves, because these 25% remained 25%. But over time, it became clear that as long as evasion allows you to ignore 75% of the damage received, no physical and magical protection will be required. Everyone will strive to increase evasion as the most effective way to protect. 
But why exactly 50% and not 40%, for example? Because 50% is exactly 2 times damage reduction, while defense can reduce damage taken by 4 times. Evasion is a universal stat, it works against both magical and physical damage. But protection is not. That is why there is such a difference.


Calculation of coefficients depending on the ratio of characteristics

Previously, there was a rule - in order for the character's defense to reduce the damage received, it must be at least 25% of the enemy's attack. If it is less, then the protection does not work. You can forget about it, this rule no longer exists. Now even 1 point of defense, regardless of the attack of the enemy, will reduce the damage received (very slightly, of course). This works for all basic stats: physical/magical attack/defense, evasion, accuracy, lethality, and evasion. In general, this will have little effect on anything, but you must admit - it's nice to realize that any value of the characteristic affects the damage dealt / received. Example: if before your 2000-3000 defense did not reduce the damage you received from the player from 40000 attack, now it will be reduced by a couple of percent.

And now the most important point from this paragraph:

Imagine that the horizontal axis is your protection. It increases as you move to the right. And the vertical axis is how much damage you take is reduced. We have highlighted the interesting phenomena with arrows, which we will discuss below. For now, focus on the fact that the orange line is the new option and the blue line is the old one.

The main conclusions that can be drawn only by looking at this graph is that the orange line tends to its limits endlessly and it is mirrored with respect to the horizontal axis. That is why now even 1 unit of defense will work against at least 1000000000 attacks. The second conclusion is that the blue line is not linear. At the beginning, it grows a little faster, and later its growth slows down. 
What does this mean in practice? In the old system of calculating coefficients, depending on the ratio of characteristics, the following principle worked - when you just start to increase your defense, it has the greatest efficiency. Why is that bad? Sooner or later, we would come to the conclusion that it would be much more effective to have everything at once than to focus on one of the characteristics. Also, once you reach stat parity, you no longer have an incentive to increase a stat any further, as its effectiveness is greatly reduced. 

Now about the arrows on the chart:

  1. Old system limit requiring at least 25% defense against enemy attacks.
  2. "Efficiency hump" - that's what we called it. This phenomenon most accurately illustrates the increased efficiency of the characteristic at the beginning of its growth.
  3. Point of equality of characteristics.
  4. The limit of the old system, in which the defense exceeding the opponent's attack by 4 times had no effect on the damage received.

Just do not think that this applies only to the protective characteristics. This principle works both ways, of course.


Lack of softcap when calculating some characteristics

Softcap is a gradual decrease in the effectiveness of a characteristic with its growth. Such a system has already been applied in the game to the probability and strength of a critical strike. This principle is often found in games, and most often it is applied to percentage indicators.
But why is this necessary? Percentages have a limited range - from 0% to 100%. But in the game there are a lot of power-ups, effects, skills that allow you to go beyond these limits, which in some cases can have a detrimental effect on the balance. It is for this that such a system is used - to restrain the characteristic in a certain range.

Now Block Probability, Block Ignore, Dodge Probability, Hit Probability are also limited by this system.

For Critical Strike Chance, we've changed the efficiency reduction factor. Less will be given in the beginning, but the increase after 40-50% will go a little easier.


Irrelevance of Lethality

Now most of the players, for objective reasons, prefer attack to lethality. Even if someone decides to build their build on lethality to deal increased damage against characters with a lot of resilience, then in the end they will face the fact that the corny damage reduction from loss of attack reduces their damage more than lethality increases the damage dealt due to " breaking through the stability of the enemy. 

So now the lethality, like the attack, will increase the damage dealt, but it will be half as effective.


Too high reliance on critical strike chance, and too much difference in damage between critical and non-critical hits

We are not happy with the fact that non-critical damage is not damage at all. Many are accustomed to the fact that in order to deal damage, you must definitely do it through critical hits. But it shouldn't be like that. Critical hits are an additional option that does not have to be implemented. That's why we're reducing base critical damage from 100% to 25%. Of course, such a drastic reduction will be made up for by an increase in base, non-critical damage.


Too much difference in survivability between tanks and other characters

It takes a lot of damage to kill a tank. When a lot of damage appears in the game, it affects all other players badly. It is not normal when one player has a survivability that exceeds the survivability of a similar player in terms of the number of power-ups by dozens of times. This gap needs to be reduced.
So far, we have not seen a game without anomalous dodge performance over other defenses. Almost every tank in the game is a character with a high dodge rate. So it's too early to draw any conclusions. We need to see what the result of reducing the probability of evasion will be, and only after that decide whether it is worth reducing the gap further.


Physical Damage

Any weapon for a warrior has a minimum and maximum damage, but any buffs for physical damage equally increase both indicators. Thus, the difference between the maximum and minimum damage of the weapon becomes less noticeable, due to which the feature of all warriors is lost. 

We made weapon damage fixed, just like mages. Each type of weapon has its own damage spread: 

  • blade - 40%
  • staff - 30% 
  • sword - 20% 
  • onion - 10% 

If you have 2000 damage and your weapon is a blade, then the damage spread will be 1600-2400. If the bow - then 1900-2100.


Status Resistance

We've nerfed the effect resistance bonuses in gems. These are overly efficient. Let's be more careful with them.

In addition, damage resistance no longer reduces the chance of applying this type of effect, but only reduces the damage taken from them (poisons, bleeding).

If we had more time to develop the update, perhaps we could make it so that turmoil resistance would reduce the duration of crowd control effects, and weakness and slow resistance would reduce effectiveness. In our opinion, it is rather strange that they affect the probability of applying effects. 
Someday we will return to this issue.


Resistance to physical and magical damage

We've decided to move away from splitting damage resistance into PvP and PvE. Now there will be only two types of resistance - physical and magical. 

Upon request, we will replace ( or delete without restoring potential) seals of one type of resistance with opposite ones on two items of equipment of your choice (only jewelry, wings and secret weapons). Applications are accepted only on the support forum. This option will only be available until the end of February.


Additional Damage and Damage Absorption

In general, the principle of operation of these characteristics has not changed, but has become more transparent. Now each skill has an additional damage multiplier, which is indicated in the skill description. If you have 1000 additional damage and the skill multiplier is 2, you will deal an additional 2000 damage.
Damage absorption works the other way around. The higher the extra damage multiplier, the more damage will be absorbed.


Skill Threat

Threat is the relationship between the monster and the player. If a monster is attacked by 10 players at the same time, then the monster will choose the player who has more accumulated threat in relation to this monster as a target. If the player dies, then the entire threat is nullified.
For some monsters, prey is distributed precisely on this basis. Who was the target of the monster at the time of its death and will receive loot for killing it.

Previously, each skill had the same amount of threat. Even skills with a cooldown of 1 second and 5 minutes. Only staff skills differed - they had 25% more threat than the skills of other classes.
In this update, we manually assigned this indicator for each skill, and also displayed its value in the skill description. Now you will know which skill to use more effectively to accumulate threat. 
And yes, the fact that some healing or buffing skills have such an indicator is not a mistake. 
In general, this is an experimental option. It is possible that we will change the threat of some skills over time.


Warning: The sun has one new skill that can cancel a temporary buff on the enemy. This is an experimental innovation. Currently, only effects from class skills are cancelled. Effects required to cast "shooting range" are not cancelled. 

A very important warning: to be honest, we have no idea how the combat system will change after such a radical change. If one or two mechanics were changed, then we would still be able to predict something, but now... It is possible that everything will become even worse.

Another very important warning: the server can crash, so don't be surprised. But even if it does not, it is likely that we will have to restart it quite often for some changes.

The last very important warning: perhaps somewhere we overdid it. It's not worth running around and screaming that everything is gone because of this. We are ready for the fact that some mechanics will have to be reworked again. And so we ask you to give the most extensive opinion about the update. This week will be a test week. None of the above is the ultimate truth.



The events "One Hundred Strikes" and "The Power of Unity" will now take place three times a day.

The amount of silver for killing monsters during the "Power of Unity" event has been reduced and redistributed - it has become significantly less from low-level monsters, and less significantly from high-level monsters.

The events "Dragon's Lair", "Vandal Attack" and "Snow Line" are temporarily disabled. We will return them when new formulas are tested. In the case of these events, this is important.


treasure hunt

For a long time now, we have not been satisfied with what the treasure hunt has become - tweens, tweens, tweens. It's time to stop this.

Now the character will not be able to attack the demons of seven stars summoned by other players, the god of wealth, the demon of abundance, treasure keepers, even when they are in a group. Not at all. Also, all notifications in the chat will be visible only to the character.

But one opportunity to annoy the enemies will still remain - the use of the hunter's talisman (in the past - a star amulet ). With it, you can not only see chat messages about other players searching for treasures, but also attack the creatures they have summoned. But there is one peculiarity - during the action of the talisman, the rates for trophies and gold will be equal to zero.

The moon talisman has also changed. It will now have a chance to turn an ordinary Seven Star Demon into a Large Demon.

Immortal Ju items no longer have a shelf life. Their activation now occurs by imposing an effect on the character.

God of Wealth now has the same loot system as other monsters. Rates for experience, trophies and gold will work for him.

And the last change - the probability of dropping items for killing monsters has been increased. On the philosopher's stone, for example, from 5% to 7.5%.



Too many skills have changed to describe everything. Check them out for yourself in the game.

With your permission, we've removed all learned class skills and cleared all quick action bars. Thanks: 3


External and pleasant changes

  1. Updated the guild window. Now all ranks fit in a row and the columns have been centered.
  2. Increased the maximum number of effects displayed for the character, target, and party members from 20 to 30.
  3. All pop-ups with information about the item, equipment, effect, skill have been completely updated. Colors have changed a bit.
  4. Slightly improved the character window - now the characteristics will become even more noticeable.


Other changes

  • Some bonuses to maximum HP and movement speed have been nerfed.
  • Changed the characteristics of the suspension of inspiration.
  • New types of gems for gems have been added. Now there are 15 of them.
  • The wind gems that increase movement speed have been replaced with new bloom gems. They increase the power of healing spells. We have temporarily reduced the level of these gems to 1 so that you can extract them at a minimal cost.
  • In the next update, we will add the ability to parse gems into elemental elements. 


Message to the players

It was one of the most difficult updates ever. Not only do you need to understand what is worth changing, you also need to find the opportunity to implement this very thing. A year ago, such innovations and changes would not have been possible.
If suddenly updates become less frequent, this does not mean that we have "scored" or are just lazy. This means that we are studying the game on a deeper level and are looking for something new and interesting. If not for months of painstaking work, then no new combat formulas or versions of the game would ever have happened.
This year we will focus on content. Too much time in the outgoing year was spent on changes. It's time to add something new!

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