Update 7.0.0


Dawn coast

The Dawn Coast will be significantly different from other locations in the strength of the monsters that live there, as well as more activities. Completing daily tasks and participating in events will be rewarded with a special currency, for which it will be possible to purchase valuable and unique items. Also, over time, we plan to add an updated treasure hunt specifically for this location.

Due to the fact that the size of the map is small, we decided to create a sub-location, which will also be a hunting ground for level 100-110. Entrance to it will be free, but having a special sign with you, the loot and the experience gained for killing monsters will be many times higher.

You can start completing tasks after level 100 and completing all the main tasks in other lands. The introductory task will be with Pangu in the Dragon Lands (there is also the entrance to the new location). All tasks in the Dawn Shore are non-primary. They will not be required for Orchid Valley in the future.

Garden of the Immortals

In this location there will be no monsters at all - only the strongest bosses. It will open access to class equipment, new instancesthe Celestial Colosseum and a PvP event.

The location will not be available immediately.

New instances

At the time of the release of the update, two instances are ready - the Storyteller's Dungeon and the Shadowy Citadel.

The Storyteller's Dungeon will drop elementsequipmenttalent books, and an increased amount of reputation items.

In the Twilight Citadel, the main loot will be Twilight Essence, a component for creating equipment and new gems
Initially, we planned to use a map already known to many - the Stream of Life. But to live up to the name of the instance, we've created an entirely new mapIt is 4 times larger and has a more varied passage.

Talent system

Now all 10 skill tabs will be used in the character's skill window, and sorcery has been renamed to talents.

Talents are passive skills that increase the characteristics of a character or enhance some skills. There are 72 of them in total. 8 general and 8 more for skills of each classWhen redistributing skill points, talents are not reset.

To learn a talent, you need a talent book, as well as one skill point. Talent books can be obtained in several ways - Storyteller's Dungeonpurchase from clan NPCs and auction


The maximum level of all crafts has been increased to level 6Levels above 5 will unlock content for 10 levels instead of 20 levels.

Here's what's unlocked at craft level 6:

  • Extraction and collection - an increased chance of getting better resources.
  • Cleansing and Processing are new components for level 110 equipment.
  • Alchemy - new food, wine, granules, powders, elixirs, pills and ointments.
  • Create weaponsarmorjewelry and sewing - new equipment, materials, consumables. For sewing and a new suit.
  • Blacksmithing - the ability to parse level 110 equipment.

Removal potential

Potential has been removed from the game. Scroll of Celestial Enchantments will now increase the success rate of Engravings and Patterns, and Potential Stones have been removed and replaced with Platinum Bars. As for repair stones, read below.


When a character is enlightened, his spiritual power scale (DS) is activated. Every minute it replenishes by 1 pointEvery 10 points of DC increases damage dealt and reduces damage taken by 1%Enlightening skills will now cost DC instead of mana. While there are only two active skills, this mechanic does not seem mandatory, but this is a reserve for the future - soon there will be five active skills.

The maximum level of current Enlightenment skills has been increased to 10.

With the introduction of the Secret Tier of the Cave of Despair, three new skills will be added to Enlightenment Skills, which will require a new item to learn.

The process of repairing gear will now be referred to as ascension, and repair stones will be removed from players' inventories and unobtainable for a period of time. When the time is right, they will have a new way to loot, and equipment ascension will be the key to a new way to enhance equipment - restorations.

All already ascended equipment will lose this status.


Restorations are a new type of equipment enhancements. They will be very different from what you have seen on other servers. Firstly, they can be installed on all equipment, except for wings, arcane weapons and gems. Secondly, not only gold and silk will be required as resources. Thirdly, more than one characteristic will increase.

Only equipment that has gone through the ascension process can be restored. Since there will be no potential left in the game after the update, ascension will be required solely to unlock the ability to restore equipment. 


A new level of reputation will appear in the game - deificationEach clan will now require its own unique item, which will now be much more difficult to obtain. We also revised the limits on the number of coins for each reputation level and changed the principle of exchanging items for coins. Now it depends on the level of the character, after the update it will depend on the level of reputationSo before you get deified from a clan, don't forget to finally exchange all items for coins, they will be very useful to you, especially if you plan to make class equipment. We really want to make clan stores relevant, so we took such measures.

New equipment

Alas, we will not be able to enter all the equipment at once, as it was at level 100. Too much content is planned for level 110. So in the beginning there will be only five new and unique setsWe will not comment on them now. When the update is released, you will be able to see everything yourself both in the game and on the website. 

Strengthening suits

By the time the update is released, everything you need to enhance the costumes will already be in the game, but there will be no full-fledged way to get the necessary items. Will appear later.

The suit can be enhanced in two ways:

  • RunesFor many, the mechanics are already known, but we’ll still talk about it. It is somewhat similar to the Nirvana boost in regular equipment, but with no randomness. You can choose which bonus you want to receive at a certain level of enhancement, the choice will be large. In the future, for a small fee, any bonus can be replaced with another one. And yes, it will take a lot of gold.
  • EmbroideryNew and little-known mechanics. In fact, it is an analogue of gems in ordinary equipment. Own drills, gems (embroidery), which can also be removed. But the characteristics will be completely different.

All suit enhancements can be transferred from one to another.

We'll talk more about this mechanic when the time comes.


Update release plan

The update will be installed far more than one day. In order to avoid hourly restarts and regular crashes, we will introduce everything gradually.

  1. First of all - the Dawn Coast and tasks in it.
  2. After a short time, we will open access to the grounds and daily tasks of the Dawn Coast. Not immediately because we want to see your reaction to the power of the monsters in the usual location.
  3. The Storyteller's Dungeon and the Shadowy Citadel will open when at least several full-fledged groups (2-3) of players reach the required level to enter the instance (105 and 110). With the amount of experience required to increase the level, they did not overdo it. 
  4. By the time the first players receive deification, we will open access to the Garden of the Immortals and the Secret Tier of the Cavern of DespairTogether with them, the game will have the ability to restore equipment and new skills of enlightenment.
  5. After that - the Ancient Castle with full-fledged ways to get items to enhance costumes and the Celestial Colosseum - a kind of analogue of the witches' tower with new wings and secret weapons.

The Realm of Dreams as an instance is not a key one in relation to some mechanics, and therefore they did not include it in the general plan. It's just a very hard instance with a very good rewardIt will appear when the players are ready for it.

The issue of new branches of the tablets has come to a head, since we do not want to use the current mechanics of obtaining interpretation keys in the future. Let's come up with something new. And do not worry, we will also find where to spend the accumulated keys of interpretation.


Late again?

Well, yes.

The "brilliant" decision was to create new locations after having had a bad experience in creating a new Dawnshore. Whether it was worth it or not - your reaction to the new cards will show (so far there are two of them, two more are planned). Why did you decide to make them at all? Because I don’t want to once again fit into a script already written by someone. And you, the players, really want to show something new, and not what you saw ten years ago. It was also important to make sure that the new maps work and learn how to create them correctly. Now the process is streamlined and the speed of their creation has multiplied. If you like it, we will gladden you more often.

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