Update 7.0.4


Moon valley

The new location is both an extension of the Dawn Shore and a hunting ground for levels 100-110What distinguishes the Moon Valley from other lands is that you can get into it without any conditions. But in order to receive a full-fledged reward for killing monsters, you need to activate the hunter's sign, which so far can either be bought in the store (there will be a temporary discount), or received for free from the Moon Elf (once a week). During free hunting, full-fledged loot from monsters can be obtained even without a hunter's sign.

The location itself is divided into two parts, each of which is significantly different from each other. Between them there is no division into a high-level and low-level zone. In the Blossoming Garden for killing monsters, you will receive flowering seeds, and in the Azure Forest - mystical fruitsHunter Trophies and Dawn Coins are common loot for both zones. In addition, by killing monsters, you will receive points in the ranking, the reward for which we will introduce later.
Blooming Seed can be exchanged with Eishia for Polished Gems, Crafting Talismans, and Jewelcrafting Talismans.
The Mystic Fruit can be exchanged with Elleria for resources, philosopher's stones and spirits of ice, fire and forest.

You can enter the Moon Valley by using the Moon Elf in the City of Dawn [503, 607].

The map was made for a long time, gradually mastering the capabilities of the map editor. We didn’t manage to do a lot of things after the incident with saving the empty map, but we will definitely finish it later, when we release the main level 110 content.
The most important thing now is to make sure that the created map works. Navigation, textures, lighting.
Everything related to loot, the strength of monsters, the mechanics of the location as a whole - will be improved.


Daily quests

The Hall of Honor in the City of Dawn will now be able to receive daily quests. So far there are 4 of them, but in the future there will be at least twice as many of them. The current tasks are somehow connected with the banal killing of monsters, but this is only because we did not manage to introduce any events, local activities, or instances.
In order for you to be able to complete tasks together, we have made it so that the rotation of tasks will be updated once an hour. That is, all the tasks that the players received in the interval, for example, between 13 and 14 hours, will be identicalThere was another option with the repetition of tasks by the leader of the group, but the implemented option seemed more interesting.

Only players with a verified account will be able to receive tasks. More on that below.


Account Verification

We've had this idea for a very long time. It's time to implement it.

In order to keep new content full of valuable rewards from tweens, we are forced to introduce an account verification systemSome tasks and events will only be available to verified accounts. The account verification process will be simple: you need to click on one big button in your personal account on the site and wait (no more than a day). One person can only verify one account

We will implement this functionality in the coming days.



  • Added equipment rating. We've also updated the number of points for various power-ups and added the ability to view the rating of certain equipment. Previously, wings, secret weapons and costumes were not taken into account in the ranking. Now they are taken into account. 
    Nirvana and runes in a suit, alas, will not affect the equipment rating.
  • Fixed an issue where PC penalties were not working in the Dawnshore.
  • Fairy Enhancement Crystal now grants the correct amount of Enhancement Points for the gem. To all those who managed to spend the crystals, we will send compensation in the near future.
  • Merchant Lei has his first goods. Not everything will be available in the near future, especially for 3 tabs. The tab with the main products will be significantly expanded over time.


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