We are 3 years old!

Our server is 3 years old!

The server was launched on June 1, 2020 and, to be honest, these three years have flown by completely unnoticed for us. I would like to sincerely congratulate our players on this day and express my deep gratitude to all those who stay with us no matter what! :3

We know we screwed up badly with the level 110 update. Back at the end of January, having somehow created a working map editor suitable for the current version, we thought of bombarding you with new maps for the upcoming update, but alas, the reality turned out to be completely different. Having stumbled on the path of creating the map more than once, we have postponed the update again and again. It certainly upset both you and us. And so, with grief in half, we managed to create two cards, one of which has already been released. Let's hope that everything was not in vain and you will like Moon Valley.
At the moment, we do not see anything more important than focusing on the promised content - instances, events, new mechanics. To the cards, if we return, then definitely not soon.

In honor of our birthday, the following bonuses will be active until 11.06.23 inclusive:

  • increased rates for experience +200%, gold +75% and trophies +50% ;
  • all daily bonuses are activated;

And until 18.06.23 inclusive, with a donation of any amount, you will receive 50% more pearls!


And by tradition, the gift code is ThreeYears :)

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