Update 7.2.6


Initially, it was assumed that this update would only include a reduction in the cost of processing gems and updating the tasks of Yuande and the Elder of the School of Valor, but then the list expanded a little. This is how many of our updates are late - during development, new ideas arise that you just want to implement. List of all changes:

  1. Updated Noble Yuande's quest. Characters above level 100 will now receive clan scriptures.
  2. Updated the Elder of the School of Valor quest. Improved the reward, and also diversified some types of tasks. 
  3. Loot in Moon Valley now drops on the ground instead of going directly to inventory. Now both experience and loot can be shared with party members.
  4. Moonvale Hunter's Mark is now consumed when the character is out of play.
  5. When exchanging the relic of the eight clans for scriptures, gold will no longer be required.
  6. [POSTPONED] Added new quests for Ancient Mirrors. Now they can be spent much faster.
  7. Reduced the number of Enhancement Points in Enhancement Crystals for gems.
  8. The pet bonuses of Zakumi and Chester Raccoon have been swapped and nerfed.
  9. Jasper seals became 10 times less. The cost of erecting new statues, attracting masters to the estate, and so on has been reduced by the same amount. 
    Warehouse capacity reduced by 10 times.
    Animals and Plants now produce Jasper Seals every 8 hours and their quantity has been adjusted.
    Immediately after the introduction of the Shadow Citadel, the possibilities of the estate will be expanded, so we recommend preparing Jasper Seals for this moment.
  10. The number of dawn coins has been reduced by 10 timesTrader Lay's item prices have been proportionally reduced.
  11. The number of Insight Keys has been reduced by times.
  12. [PENDED] Keys of Exegesis will now be obtained the good old way - mentoring. Since we do not plan to add interpretation keys in new instances, and you visit the old instances less and less, it is necessary to move them to a neutral mechanic that would not depend on the level. The keys of insight will be mined there, but their number will directly depend on the number of tablets already studied in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd branches. 
    Most likely, we will make mentoring up to level 80 with the possibility of obtaining the status of a teacher still at level 50.
  13. Revised the pricing of moon mascots. Now low-level talismans will cost several times cheaper
  14. Changed the price of processing and cutting gems at Master Tian.
  15. New gem cutting recipes have been added to Jewelcrafting.
  16. A new costume has been added to sewing.
  17. Gem crystals have been removed from the smelter.
  18. Increased the number of woven amulets and warrior seals received (if there is a statue in the manor) for completing the Storyteller's Dungeon.
  19. Reduced the extraction of gems and crystals to enhance gems in the Storyteller's Dungeon.
  20. When you open a golden chest in the Storyteller's Dungeon, you are guaranteed to receive 1 magnificent emerald, and if you have the standard of the Golden Order, you will immediately receive 2.
  21. [POSTPONED] The Dragon's Lair event has been removed. The title and dragon parts (turned into a dragon) will also be removed from the game.
  22. The bonus in Crimson Dawn/Sunset gear has changed:
    the bonus to basic characteristics has been increased to 150%;
    lifesteal scaling removed;
    when activating a full set of equipment along with jewelry, the bonus in locations not included in the set will be reduced by 2, not 3 times.
  23. Monsters from the Force of Unity event now have skills.
  24. Skills have been updated for monsters from the Ruins of Death event.
  25. The seven star demons and treasure keepers, the god of wealth and the demon of abundance have updated skills.
  26. Summoned monsters during the Darkness Around quest have their skills updated.
  27. The monsters from the temple and the dragon altar have updated skillsAlso, instead of the usual dragons, there will now be completely different monsters in the dragon altar.
  28. [PENDED] Level 110 monsters can now be summoned in the temple and dragon altar.
  29. [PENDED] Messenger of Doom can now craft a new Jewelry Set.
  30. The auction has been completely updated. All helper pets and titles will now be sold in the store. Instead, 6 new titles were added (about them below) and 6 new pets - elemental spirits (increase one of the six characteristics by 30-300). Expect new strong pets with the dragon lottery update.
  31. Added 8 new titles:
    • Warcryer (Auction Scroll)
      Maximum HP +5000. Physical and magic damage +200. Ignore resistance to physical and magic damage +200. Extra damage +600.
    • Night Hunter (Auction Scroll)
      Maximum HP +5000. Critical hit chance +150. Critical hit power +300. Hit chance and ignore block +120.
    • Demonologist (Auction Scroll)
      Maximum HP +7500. Damage dealt in PvE +10%. Damage taken in PvE -10%. Lifesteal +10%. Movement speed +15%.
    • Paladin (Auction Scroll)
      Maximum HP +10000. Resistance to magic and physical damage +150. Dodge chance and block chance +120. Ignore critical hit +75. Damage absorb +300.
    • Benefactor (auction scroll)
      Maximum HP +7500. Outgoing heal +15%. Spell power +3000. Chance to ignore attack +10%. Movement speed +10%.
    • Lucky (Auction Scroll)
      Movement and riding speed +20%. Trophies +20%. Gold +40%. Charm +75. Luck +50.
    • End of story (defeat the Storyteller 33 times)
      Movement speed +10%. Damage dealt in PvE +5%. Damage taken in PvE -5%. When killing the Storyteller, there is a chance to get two Keys of the Storyteller at once, and when opening a golden chest - a double reward.
    • Valiant Hero (Complete the Elder of the School of Valor quest 1500 times)
      Charm +100. Increases the amount of gold, experience and seals of fire received for completing school of valor quests by 50%.
  32. New bundles have been added to the in-game store.
  33. All tasks in the Dawnshore are now only for verified accountsIn addition, many of the quests in the Lost Lands, Forgotten Lands, and Frozen Mountains have been replaced with a personal reward.
  34. Fixed a bug due to which special characters appeared before the name of skills, which should not be there.
  35. Increased chance to be empowered by Nirvana.
  36. Dragon Hammers will be removed from the game with the end of the upcoming Lunar CarnivalWe will be replacing them with platinum bars at a very unfavorable rate, so we recommend using all the reserves.
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