Phoenix Fortress


To understand why we decided not to use the standard method, you first need to find out how it worked.

The standard version of the first capture of the fortress is as follows:

Any guild of the 2nd level and above has the opportunity to apply for ownership of the Phoenix Fortress. Since the fortress does not belong to anyone, it means that there can be no battle. At the end of the week, the guild, whose master has the highest level of reputation with the sun clan, receives the Phoenix Fortress in his possession. Since the fortress itself is located in the Phoenix Lands, then it belongs to the clan of the sun.

Most likely, you already knew all this, except that it is not the general reputation that is taken into account, but the reputation of the clan of the sun. But this option is still not very suitable for us, because the majority of players already have the maximum level of reputation and there is no sense in such a competition.


The new version of the capture of the fortress is as follows:

Guilds above level 2 can donate resources or treasury to a special NPC over the next week. 

100,000 treasury = 10 points
50 resources = 10 points

The main way to get points is the guild treasuryThe delivery of resources is an additional way to get points. The overall rating will not be trackable. Only the guild master and senior officers will be able to see the number of points of their guild.

On Saturday, the Phoenix Fortress will go to the guild with the most pointsAlso, 25% of the deposited treasury and resources will be returned to her. The remaining guilds will receive 50% of the deposited treasury and resources.


Do not forget that this mechanics was created only for the first capture of the fortress. She will appear tomorrow, Monday!

If this mechanics takes root, then we will use it for the first capture and other fortresses too.

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