Is twinning bad?


To begin with, we want to dispel the opinion of the players that we are trying to complicate the game process with various corrections and changes in the way of extracting something. For us, this is by no means the goal. All we want to achieve is to rid the players of the desire to lead the twin. At least as much as possible.

We believe that twin farming spoils the gameplay and here's an example:

Imagine a specific situation: there are 2 players (A and B). Player A does not engage in twin farming and receives 30 stones a day for some kind of task there. For him, it may even be interesting and he happily performs it. Player B, in turn, does this task not only by himself, but by five twins. As a result, he gets 180 stones a day, but spends more time on it. For player B, this task is unpleasant, it causes him to be rejected and mentally he realizes that if the game did not provoke him to engage in twin farming, he would not do it. Obviously, because this is not the most pleasant experience!

A week passes - player A received a total of 210 stones, player B - 1260. As a result, player A is disappointed that, unlike some, he receives several times less stones (although he had the opportunity to get more), and player B hates this task with all my heart. As a result, neither one nor the other does not want such a system in principle.


In our understanding, a twin is not a way to farm something - it’s just another character that creates convenience for the main: additional crafts, a place in the inventory, in some cases a student, and even a banal character who can "sit in a party" .

Twin cultivation also affects those involved in it. Yes, they are in a better position, but with this style of play, they quickly fade.

If we were counting on a server for twin water guides, then the reward from all instances, tasks and events was 5 times lower so that you and the twins could receive a full reward. But answer yourself - do you need it? We want to give you the opportunity to play calmly, comfortably and without fuss with 6 game windows. But some, for some reason, are opposed.

Again, we don’t want to cut back or weaken something. We want to create a gaming atmosphere that would not provoke players to engage in twin farming. That's all.

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