Announcement of 2.0 update


Initially, we planned to release one fairly large update before the update with an increase in the maximum level, but in the course of work we decided that it was better to combine them into one big update. 

The update itself is scheduled for the end of this month. Of the major innovations, this is what awaits you:

  • raising the maximum level
  • new events
  • new artifacts (9 types)
  • new stones for inlaying artifacts, the method of extraction of which will be unique
  • new items in play store
  • enchanted equipment
  • updated skills
  • world bosses, the kill of which is possible only with a very large composition (if it is simpler - hard bosses)
  • treasure hunt rating (both general and weekly) 
  • changing some unpopular events (alchemist's crucible, gifts of the earth)

In addition to the list above, the game will have a lot of minor but pleasant changes! For example, in the dragon temple it will be possible to choose the level of monsters, an item for "updating a group" will appear in the store for a symbolic amount, several new tasks will appear for the student and mentor, and several new skills will appear for the married. In general, a lot of changes have accumulated over this time, and you can see a complete list of them already in the description of the update itself!

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