Update 2.7



The current wardrobe can be a big advantage at this stage, so we decided to significantly weaken it. Now, when a suit is flashed, the bonus from it in the wardrobe will not increase. With the introduction of new levels, we will gradually add a bonus from the costume firmware, but at this stage the firmware will not affect the bonuses in any way.



We wanted to keep the new sewing suits until level 80, but it’s okay if they show up now.

6 new outfits have been added to the craft (3 womens, 3 mens). All of them open at the 5th level of the craft and require a different amount of resources for their creation (some are more expensive, some are cheaper). According to their characteristics, these suits are no different from the rest.


The power of unity

A mechanic has been changed that increases the power of monsters and the amount of gold received for killing monsters with the passage of each wave of monsters. Now, not the number of waves passed in a particular instance will be taken into account, but the general statistics of the guild for the event. In other words, if during the event the guild members are divided into 3 groups, then they will receive one general bonus to the gold received, and the power of the monsters in each instance will grow equally. 

  • Gold earned from killing monsters has been increased by 40%.
  • For 1000, 2000, 4000, 7000 and 10000 killed monsters, the guild will receive a reward in the form of 100000, 200000, 400000, 800000, 1600000 treasury, respectively.
  • The increase in the strength of monsters for each wave will not be 1%, but 0.5%.
  • An effect will now be displayed that increases the amount of gold for killing a monster from the player.


World bosses

Alas, we did not have time to make the necessary amendments to this event, so its full implementation into the game was postponed to Monday.

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