Update 2.9


World bosses

At 12:00, 18:00 and 23:00 Guardians appear in two of the four arenas. These are very strong monsters that only a few weak teams can kill. Each of these monsters has its own unique set of powerful skills.

If the keeper appears in an arena that belongs to your guild, then an effect will be imposed on you that increases your characteristics by 10%.

The reward is received by the player (and his entire group) who was able to inflict the most threat on the monster. Any skill that deals damage has a threat. The higher the skill level, the more threat it poses to the monster. Staff skills have an increased threat relative to other classes (by about 15-20%). 
If a player dies, he loses all the collected threat and the monster chooses the other player with the greatest threat as the target.

As a reward, you will receive from 5 to 10 skills, 20 denu amulets and a philosopher's stone with a 50% chance.

There are more than 20 types of skills mentioned. Skills of blue quality increase characteristics, and purple ones give a bonus to various skills, effects and tasks. 
With an increase in the level of a skill, the difficulty of pumping it increases significantly

This event is designed for medium and strong players, after all, these are world bosses. We will actively monitor this event and make any necessary adjustments. Now players have to get used to the bosses themselves, their skills and the principle of receiving rewards. 
We remind you that you can always write to us what you think about this or that event in the game. Only, please, write everything constructively, and not "I didn't like it".


Other changes 

  • Disabled top equipment.
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