Update 2.11


Newbie innovations

We make it easier for beginners to reach the maximum level. Now they will be waiting for several pleasant bonuses along this thorny path. 

  • From all the knapsacks of the dragon (except the first) the player will receive seals of illusionsTheir number will depend on the level of the roll.
  • Initial costume bonus: HP and MP recovery +10 ➜ HP and MP recovery +10, movement and riding speed +20%, experience gained +30%.
  • When opening the first dragon's bag, the player, in addition to the costume, will receive golden wings and a shurikenThese are the first wings and secret weapons in the game (now they are not helpers). They will only exist for 7 days

All of these bonuses should significantly speed up the development of novice players.

If you have recently created a character and your level is not higher than 40, then you can write to us and we will give you wings and secret weapons.


Daily bonuses

Now every day you will have a nice bonus associated with any event or mechanicAt the moment, there are only 10 such bonuses and they all alternate. We plan to significantly expand the number of such bonuses in the future.

You can view the list of daily bonuses here.


Guild skills

A new guild skill, "Rapture", has been added. It enhances the recovery of HP and OM from granulespowders and elixirs by 5%-200%.


Pet food

Now, as the quality of meat increases, so does the experience that the pet will receive. 

Meat that was processed in Alchemy is now called pet food, and its icon has been changed.

Previously, it turned out that it was more profitable to feed the pet meat of lower quality, without processing it and without spending zeal, since the experience grew in proportion to the amount of resources. For example, white quality meat gave a pet 200 experience, yellow - 1000. 


Arena keepers

Thanks to everyone who expressed their opinion about the event! This is really very important for us. This way we better understand you and what changes need to be made.

So here's the changelog:

  • The event will now be held once a day (at 21:30).
  • Guardians will appear in 4 arenas at once.
  • Killing characters during an event no longer reduces conscience.
  • If, after death, the player chooses "To the city" as a resurrection, he will be resurrected on the territory of the arena, but will receive a staff in the form of 15 seconds of inactivity. When resurrecting with magic flowers or healers, no penalties will be imposed.
  • A character can only receive one treasure per event. If there is a character in the group who has already received the treasure, this does not mean that others will not receive it when killing the boss.
  • The strength of some Guardians has been changed.


Other changes

  • Guild quests have been added to the daily quests tab. In the near future, the site will be able to view completed tasks by guild members.
  • Philosopher's Stone drop chance for killing Constellation spirits (Starfall Event) has been increased from 5% to 10%.
  • The Riding Book is now sold by the Pet Trainer instead of in the shop.


Bug fixes

  • Fixed many errors in the operation of some skills and their description.
  • Fixed an issue where Phoenix Pendants were giving more HP than they should.


Until the end of the week, all characters will receive 100% more experience.

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