Patch 3.0 Announcement


Raising the maximum level to 80 is just around the corner. In this news, we want to tell you what awaits you with the increase in the maximum level and what you should prepare for. 

  • Two new locations - icy mountains and forgotten lands.
  • Continuation of the storyline. 
  • New daily quests.
  • Enlightenment. 
  • Equipment repair.
  • Jewelry restoration.
  • The ability to do +30 engravings and patterns.
  • New seals for jewelry.
  • Transferring enhancements from one equipment to another.
  • Two new types of equipment - wings and secret weapons.
  • Three new events - three demons, the face of war and the dragon's lair.
  • New skills for each class.
  • 4 new instances - a ladder of three worlds, a snake cave and a tower of witches, the abode of fears.
  • The ability to increase the clan's reputation to honor.
  • New types of equipment.
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