The end of the lunar carnival


Lunar Carnival is about to come to an end, which means it's time to draw some conclusions. We will divide them into several parts, as, in fact, the event itself was divided. So, let's be present!


First part - quests

In our opinion, this is the most successful and interesting thought that was applied to the event. We are sure that in the future, each event will be accompanied by several tasks with a good reward. The complexity of their implementation will vary from event to event. 


The second part - the attack of the robbers

Our worst decision, which we very much regret. Not only did it take a lot of players' time, but also the difference in trophies received between players is very different.

The following events will focus on spending less time per day and getting an approximately equal amount of resource between all players. We want to avoid cases where a small group of players receive as much resources as all other players received combined.

Here's what we would like to achieve: 
For example, an hour of spent time per day will bring the player 100 resources, and the second hour - several times less. Thus, players who spend little time playing will not lag far behind those who spend more. 

Instances are a prime example of the above model. You have a certain amount of fatigue that you can spend on them. For example, for 100 fatigue, you will receive 200 resources. Yes, you have the opportunity to get more resources, but at the same time you will have to spend money on reducing fatigue, which will lead to a decrease in the benefits that you will receive in general for passing the instance. 


The third part - moon pearls and thematic titles

Even without summing up the results, we can say that this mechanic is successful and definitely takes place. But since the moon pearls were tightly tied to the attack of the plunderers (most), it is difficult to say what this mechanic would have been under other circumstances. In any case, we will come up with different variations of obtaining titles for events and this option is definitely not the only one.


The fourth part - instances and events

If everything is in order with the instances and they have their own limiters, then the events are not. For future events, we will most likely come up with new events that will be held several times a day, but you can take part in them only once. The general model of the event attached to the event will depend on the event itself. Next times it will definitely be something more interesting than the usual attack of robbers.



If it were not for the attack of the robbers, which in fact was the main part of the event and a lot depended on it, then everything would be fine. But in any case, we got invaluable experience and tried out new mechanics that we liked. This means that the next events will be developed on a more solid foundation, supported by the conclusions made!

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