Patch 3.0 FAQ


Update release date

With each passing day, the completion date of the 3.0 update is more and more clearly visible. At the moment, you can be sure that next weekend you will be busy getting level 80. 


Answers to your questions


  • The amount of experience required will be reduced from level 65 to level 70 by 5 times.
  • The Gorge of the Fallen will be slightly weakened.
  • For beginners, even more bonuses will be introduced at the beginning of the game, making it easier to get a level and equipment.


Class acquisition and class skills

Many wondered if they would be able to learn all class skills at least 1 level. The answer is yes.

We also need to prepare you for the fact that class skills now have a non-percentage attack power. There are at least 2 reasons for this, which we will discuss below:

  1. Percentage skills are very dependent on the characteristics of the character. For example, if we make all skills with a percentage attack power, then we will receive very low damage from them at the beginning, and very large at the end. Fixed Damage provides smoother damage growth throughout the game. 
  2. In the future, this will not lead to depreciation of other skills. Previously, with the advent of class percentage skills, the rest of the skills were unusable due to their low damage at high levels.

Now let's talk about the "second" skills of each class. 
We see no logic in replacing one skill with another. A striking example is a volley and wild hunt from an archer. These two skills are almost identical, and why is such a skill needed? Previously, the wild hunt was preferable due to the percentage of attack power, but since we abandoned them, then the wild hunt itself now makes no sense. 
Now a passive skill that empowered the wild hunt will increase the volley. The same applies to the rest of the classes. 
Most of the class skills have been overhauled and differ from their standard version.

In addition to the introduction of class skills, the standard skills will be reworked. Some will be strengthened and some will be completely reworked.



In fact, enlightenment is not very suitable for 80 levels, but there is nothing wrong with the fact that it appears now. We're not going to adapt quests and fearsome to level 80. Some quests will lead you to instances that are not yet available, and the power of the monsters in the abode of fears will not be harnessed soon.


Jewelry Seals

New seals, which can only be applied to jewelry, will increase resistance to damage from monsters. Maybe there is no need for this now, but in the future PvE will not be as easy as it is now. You will see for yourself when you face the monsters from the abode of fears and the tower of witches (at waves above 10).


In this news, we have tried to answer all the questions that you have asked us throughout the week. Over time, new answers may appear in this news.

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