Update 1.15


Change of reward for tasks and measures against twinning

We are not very happy with the current trend, in which players create other characters, perform tasks on them and receive resources by which they strengthen the main character. 
We made a decision to partially reduce the amount of resources that a character receives as a reward for completing tasks, while replacing resources and kits with finished equipment (orange) and other valuable items. 

For completing the quest "God of the Wind", the character will receive 1 extended inventory, not an expanded warehouse and inventory to choose from.

Now, only 3 players can enter the owl clan camp (event "Ruins of Death"). This is done so that players do not further collect a group of 6 of their own characters.


Skill Changes

  • Fixed a bug in the descriptions of the skills of the zither "Imperial Anthem" and "Spring Trill". 
  • Weakened skill "Spirits of ancestors" by the sun. Large reserves of mana and its quick recovery are the prerogative of the moon, not the sun.
  • Enhanced the moon’s passive skill Moonlight. Now it restores mana every 6, not 10 seconds.
  • Enhanced Moon Wind skill on the moon. Now it restores 20-30% more HP.


School of Valor

Criminal search points for the “Fight against Evil” mission are now located closer to each other. If earlier for every 10 levels there were 5 points in one area, now now there are 5 in 3 areas.

The reward for a single quest "Code of Honor" was reduced, but it was significantly increased for a group.



Now you can study the tablets!

As promised, we changed the way we get the keys of interpretation. Now they can be obtained for passing the Ice Cave and the Fire Gorge once a day. The number of keys you receive depends on the instance level (the higher the more). There is also a slight chance of getting 5-10 times more keys. 

The keys of knowledge can be bought in the store for 3 pearls. 

We ask you not to pay attention to the "red" tablets. For the keys of knowledge, only 3 tablets are studied at the end. In the future, we will correct their display.


Other changes

  • The bride’s ribbons from the bride are now available at the dressmaker in all major cities.
  • The dressmaker’s splendor price has been reduced from 5 to 2 gold, and the scroll price has been reduced from 10 to 7.5.
  • Stone incisors can now be purchased from a gem merchant.
  • The pottery required to upgrade the guild is now mined from pirates on the Dragon Tooth.
  • Now, when leaving the guild, the character will not be able to enter another within 24 hours.
  • Changed recipes for creating food to restore zeal. The amount of restored zeal has also been changed.


Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug due to which the character did not get the spy’s head when killing the spy when completing the task "Guard of Order".
  • Fixed a bug due to which the bonuses on resistance to physical and magical damage in gems were mixed up.
  • Fixed a bug in the description of the clan equipment of the warrior of the sun and the clan weapon of the warrior of the moon and potions.
  • Fixed a bug due to which the food that is created by the chef could “stack” and impose more effects than it should.
  • Fixed a bug due to which granules and powders in alchemy are created only from edelweiss.
  • Fixed a bug due to which heather was processed from level 3 of cleansing, and wormwood - from 2.
  • Fixed a bug due to which the event "Carnival of Spirits" at 19:00 did not start.
  • Fixed a bug due to which the speed of some temporary pets was higher than it should be.
  • Fixed a bug due to which all the equipment in the game (except for what was created by the craft) could not be restored with the help of a potential stone.


In the next update

Already tomorrow, arenas and the Law of the Jungle event will be added to the game. These are the first PvP events on the server. If the arena remains almost unchanged (except that characters who are not participating in the battle will not be able to interact with characters who are fighting), then the law of the jungle will be partially finalized (we will publish the changes). In addition, on the same day, it will be possible to learn the skills of the guild and improve clan equipment to orange quality using jasper, which are purchased in columns in arenas. 

There will be 3 total arenas, you guessed it. They will be initially captured and in order to intercept them, you will have to win in bets. We recommend that you now think about raising the level of the guild in order to increase the maximum capacity of the treasury. The first battle for the arena will take place on Thursday according to the usual schedule (at 20:00).

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