Update 3.8


Witch tower

In order to enter the tower of witches, you need to turn to Shengli, which is located at three pagodas in the Emperor's Lands. 

Only level 80 characters can enter the tower no more than once a day. 

Once you start passing the Witches Tower, you have exactly 4 hours before the training ground is closed. You can leave it and come back again - your progress will be saved in any case.

The tower of witches can be passed with other players. When talking to Shanley, select "Join the Witch Tower Walkthrough". It is important that the leader of the group is the player who started the passage. If you join the tower, then your daily attempt is also expended. In total, no more than 6 players can join the passage. 

As soon as you get into the tower of witches, you will be asked to start training (there are 20 of them). In each of them you will have to fight with three waves of ordinary monsters and one boss (in 5, 10, 15 and 20 boss training there will be 3). Monsters, like bosses, do not have any skills in their arsenal, but they are already very strong without it.

The reward from the monsters is as follows :

  • Workout 1-5: rare Nirvana (1 lvl
  • Workout 6-10: mysterious Nirvana (2 lvl)
  • Workout 11-15: enchanted Nirvana (3 lvl)
  • Workout 16-20: enchanting Nirvana (4 lvl)
  • Workout 1-20: cursed Signs.

Boss rewards :

  • Workout 1-5: egg with wingssecret weaponmysterious nirvana (level 2)
  • Workout 6-10: egg with wingssecret weaponenchanted nirvana (level 3)
  • Workout 11-15: egg with wingssecret weaponenchanting nirvana (level 4)
  • 16-20 training session: egg with wingssecret weaponunique nirvana (level 5)
  • Workout 1-20: cursed signs.

Cursed signs can be exchanged with Lulu for jeweler's talismans (lvl 3-5), moon talismans (lvl 1-3), talismans of the sageemperor and ancestors, as well as the secret seal and the ruby feather.



In order to create your first wings, you need to get one of the four eggs and apply a ruby feather to it. After that, you will receive a certain type of wings (depending on the egg) of random quality (from white to purple). The higher the quality of the wings, the more characteristics they will give to their owner. In addition to the characteristics, each of the wings has its own unique effectThe higher the quality of the wings, so strong it will effect. 


Secret weapon

Unlike wings, arcane weapons do not require any additional actions to use them. There are also 4 types of secret weapons, and each of them has a unique effect and characteristics that increase depending on the quality. The quality can be increased by secret printingIf you manage to increase the quality of the secret weapon, all enhancements will disappear (if you are unlucky when using the secret seal, then the secret weapon will not change in any way).


Witches Tower Weekly Ranking

During the week you will collect points for completing training in the tower of witches. The number of points earned depends on the workout you completed (for example, 7 workout 7 points). At the end of the week, if you make it to the top 10 players, you will receive valuable prizes (you can learn about them from Yuuki in the Emperor's City).

If you go through the witch's tower with other players, then points will be awarded to the player who started the passage of the witch's tower. 


New guild skill

Now in the guild you can learn one more skill - "Ball lightning". This is a unique active skill exclusively for the witch tower. It attracts all monsters around, stunning them for 2 seconds, and deals damage.


Empowered by Nirvans

At masters Meili can be strengthened wings and a secret weapon to help Nirvan stonesThere are 5 levels of enhancements in total and each of them requires a certain level of the nirvana stone. In addition to gain levels, there is also a gain levelThe better the degree, the more characteristics you will receive, but the chance of success will be much lower.

There are 8 types of wing reinforcement and arcane weapons in total:

  • HP
  • MP
  • Physical attack
  • Magic attack
  • Physical defense
  • Magic defense
  • Durability
  • Lethality


New products and set in the store

  • Treasure chests (useful → treasure).
  • Polished Gems (personal) (enhancement → Inlay).
  • Potions to stop the waste of luck (other → miscellaneous).
  • Set with 635 dragon hammers (20% off).
  • Set with 500 keys of knowledge (16% off).


Other changes

  • Fixed several bugs in the work of class skills.
  • Increased the drop rate of enchanted orange quality equipment in the ladder of three worlds.
  • The number of paid trading places has been reduced from 40 to 20.
  • The daily bonuses for the events "Ruins of death" and "Dragon and Phoenix" have been changed.
  • The Temporary Equipment Master will now be available on a permanent basis.
  • Celestial and star crystals have been added to level 43 and 63 dragon bags.
  • Gold amulet for a pet increases the characteristics of the owner not by 60%, but by 50%.
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