Update 3.12


Resource extraction rating

To the rating on the tower of witches and the treasure hunt, another one joins - the rating on the extraction of resourcesUnlike the existing ratings, the new one has only 5 prizesYou can learn more about the reward from the NPC in the Emperor's Lands (2080, 2376). 

The bunny costume, which you can get for 1 piece, lasts for 7 daysIt increases the maximum vitality by 500 and the restoration of vitality by 25.

It is not hard to guess how the rating points are obtained - this is the collection of resource deposits by location. 



  • From now on, you can get no more than 49 mysterious pumpkins per day for completing instances. It is unlikely that this change will somehow affect the course of the event. This does not apply to other methods of obtaining mysterious pumpkins.
  • Reduced the chance of summoning the God of Wealth from the bat card.
  • Reduced the chance of getting cherry aventurine.
  • Now, when you open Mysterious Pumpkins, you will also have a chance to get the elements required to complete the Pumpkinhead Joe quest.
  • The number of mysterious Pumpkins for killing a werewolf has been reduced from 7 to 6, and from Weidong from 6 to 5.

We recommend that you read the description of the event again, since it has been supplemented.

In the quest where Pumpkinhead Joe asks you to kill 77 demons of seven stars, we are not talking about big demons, but about "small" ones.
You need to kill demons below level 80 inclusive (in the Emerald and Forgotten Lands, demons are level 90).


Other changes

  • In the Peach Grove, the River Demon now spawns after killing the previous four bosses.
  • A sacred talisman, like a divine talisman, will also increase the power of a critical strike with some effects. 
  • Fixed description of warrior amulets.
  • Increased stack of Flawless Spirit Orbs to 9999.
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