Update 1.16


New items in the store

  • Items for updating the characteristics of clan weapons.
  • Scroll of beauty.
  • Drills of the master.
  • Pills of purification and oblivion (for characters below level 50 and 70).
  • Manuscript of knowledge (to increase the maximum number of crafts studied).

In addition, we can exchange some items of goods in the store for honor points. Over time, the range of products will expand.


Battle for arenas and clan equipment upgrades

In general, we will not tell you anything new. The guild that has bid the maximum amount will receive the right to seize the arena. 

Columns with valuable goods appeared on the arenas themselves. In addition to Tane amulets and gardening items, you can also purchase shining stones to upgrade your clan equipment to an orange level. 

Please note that shining stones can be used on equipment even of orange quality. Thus, you can update the equipment characteristics. 

The ability to update stats will be unique to clan equipment. 


Other changes

  • The skill "Unanimity" now does not turn you on, but immediately removes your spouse 10-50 fatigue. To use the skill, as before, woven amulets are required. Skills to increase the level of protection that used to be part of unanimity will be studied in a different way.
  • Reduced the number of scrolls of the appraiser in the dragon temple. We still believe that the main way to get them should be craft. 
    In addition to reducing the number of scrolls of the appraiser, we made their gradation. If the character who summoned the monsters is at level 60, then the scrolls of the appraiser will also be at level 6. 
  • Pets for treatises were weakened. We made a very gross mistake. We initially incorrectly calculated the increase in characteristics and it turned out that the pet for treatises was better than any other pets. Now the increase in the characteristics of a strong body is 20%, not 50%.
  • In the secret village, Explorer Chun can now send you back to the Dragon City, if you somehow died without contacting the crystal in the Dragon City.


Bug fixes

  • Fixed a bug due to which the "Leave Guild" effect did not work.
  • Fixed a bug due to which it was impossible to complete the test of the dragon "Magic weapon 60 lvl."
  • Fixed display of the interface for buying paid trading places. Now you can see the price for a place, and also Chinese characters do not appear.
  • Fixed a bug due to which clan items mined in gold lands could be exchanged for a reputation before honor. We fixed this error and reduced the reputation of all players who managed to take advantage of this, to friendliness. Spent items at the same time reimbursed.



Friends, we have prepared 2 events for you this weekend right away!

The first one will take place on Saturday. He will require you to be smart, speed and some gold coins. 
The second, which will take place on Sunday, will be for guilds. You have a few days to prepare for the contest!

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