Plans for future updates


At the moment, the content of level 80 has already been sufficiently mastered, but we do not plan to introduce levels higher yet, since this will not introduce any global changes - 2 intances and 1-2 new events. We believe that this is not quite what players are looking for, so we will focus on other innovations:

The first step is to add the fear abodeBut as we warned earlier, this will be an extremely difficult instance and its passage may be beyond the power of even close-knit groups of players. 

Next, we would like to work on some events. For example, we had been planning to rework the law of the jungle for a long time, but still did not know how best to do it. Now there are ready-made concepts that we will implement in the near future. This is not the only event to be changed. And others will be refined and improved.

In the near future, we will return to the game the ability to learn skills that were previously mined from the treasures of the keepersIt is very unlikely that they will continue to be mined for killing world bosses, because, as practice has shown, many players did not like another event, which must be attended. We ourselves do not yet know how we will implement the extraction of such skills, but we know for sure that this will be something more global than one event. 

You've already seen several unique skills, which, for example, increase the amount of gold you receive for completing daily tasks or enhancing daily effects that can be obtained from the master of double experience and recovery. But this is only a very small part of what awaits you in the future. 

The already announced referral system will be added, according to which you can receive valuable rewards for invited friends. 

Well, the most ambitious thing we are currently working on is a new PvE mechanic that should compete with treasure huntingIt will not displace or replace treasure hunting. It will be just another activity in the game that you can do in your free time. Once introduced, players will have a choice that they don't currently have. The awards, of course, will differ, but also partially overlap with each other. 

And finally - you will have your own homesteadIt will be the same as the peaceful village on our previous server was, but they will be radically different. Firstly, it will be exactly your estate and only you can be in it. Secondly, you can improve it by purchasing various animals, NPCs and buildings. Improvements to your homestead will give you unique bonuses and power up your character. 

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