Update 1.17


Guild skills

Now you can explore guild skills!

We replaced irrelevant skills with more popular ones, and also significantly improved the rest. In general, such skills will not bring any imbalance, and their study will be quite relevant. 

Within two to three days, the site will display the progress of research skills. We also want to remind you that now you can track the statistics of the treasury and guild resources.


Law of the jungle

The law of the jungle is a very difficult event in technical terms. We spent a lot of time optimizing the event and removing unnecessary elements. Now we have not begun to change anything, because after our "optimization", perhaps something will go wrong ... 

After the event, we will gladly listen to the players' ideas for improving the event. If we like your idea, then we will definitely implement it!


Other changes

  • Reduced the number of monsters that you need to kill on the task of "On Guard", from 20 to 10.
  • The level of ancient manuscripts that you get for completing the quest “In search of knowledge” now depends on the level of the instance.
  • There is a description of the titles that Jenny sells.
  • A new title has appeared in the game - Craftsman! It can be obtained by learning immediately ten crafts. 
    The effect of the title is obvious - the rate of restoration of zeal is +10.
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