Update 3.21



Now the charm will increase the reward for completing daily (and not only) assignments. The more charm you have, the more gold, experience and items you will receive.

Different tasks have their own methods of increasing the reward. For example, the experience gained and gold will proportionally increase with charm, but with objects it is a little different - the more charm you have, the more likely you will receive an increased reward (often doubled, but not always).

What tasks are affected by charm:

  • Code of honor
  • Fighting evil
  • Darkness around
  • Help in difficult times
  • Supply
  • Guarding the foundations
  • Lord of the stars Will
  • Ancient mirror
  • Holiday chores
  • Origin of clans
  • Keeping order
  • Collecting resources
  • In search of knowledge

In addition to quests, charm also increases the reward for opening a basket of flowers


Daily tasks

In addition to implementing charm in quests, we also reworked some of these quests. In some of them the reward was increased, and in some it was completely changed. We will publish all this in the manuals section in the near future.

Overall, the awards have become very enjoyable, especially if you complete tasks with high charm.


New jewelry

3 types of charm rings have been added to the list of rare jewelry you are used to that is obtained from instances or surprises. They are obtained in the same way as the rest of the jewelry.



There have also been minor changes to pet skills:

  • Fireheart Pony: Reduces pet's energy consumption by 4%-40% ➔ increases the owner's charm by 10-100.
  • Zakumi: Increases the host's maximum HP by 0.5%-5% ➔ 1%-10%.
  • Dolma: Increases the amount of gold received after killing monsters by 1% -10% ➔ 2% -20%.
  • Pokenot: Increases the experience gained by the pet by 100% ➔ 200%.



  • Crimson Dragon: Increases experience gain by 36% ➔ 60%.
  • Golden Dragon: Increases gold received from killing monsters by 24% ➔ 30%.
  • Azure Dragon: increases the likelihood of getting trophies 12% ➔ 15%.


Power of unity

We got rid of all unnecessary mechanics in this event. Now the strength of the monsters, like the gold from them, is fixed. The health of monsters has been redistributed - at low levels it has been reduced, and at high levels it has been increased. Also, the time between waves has been increased from 15 to 20 seconds. 


Daily bonuses

2 more were added to the list of daily bonuses:

  1. During the event «War face», two dark monks and a brave man will appear at once.
  2. During the «Three demons» event, the quest completion limit is doubled.

The bonus for «Power of unity» event has been changed. It now halves the time between waves.



With the blessed tree is now only mined resources and yellow food quality, and with rainbow tree - green. The amount of resources you get for harvesting has also been increased.

Most of Neshin's recipes have been changed. Somewhere the number of items that you receive when cooking has been reduced, and somewhere - the amount of food required has been increased. In general, these changes are unlikely to affect anything now, but this is a sure way to rehabilitate gardening before expanding it in the future.

We have reduced the number of certain items in players' inventories (in proportion to the increase in the difficulty of creating food) in order to restore demand for the goods again in a shorter time.

Particular attention should be paid to the  perfumer, because we have changed all types of  perfumesNow they will really be useful for everyone in their own way.


Weekly ratings

Two new rankings have been added for gardening and valor school

In addition, we also reworked the reward for the current ratings. You can check out the new list of prizes at Yuki in the Emperor's City [2080, 2376].


Potions, granules, ointments and elixirs

Wisdom will now increase healing from alchemy items. Each level has its own healing gain. For example, at level 60, 600 wisdom will be enough to increase the healing by 100%, but at 80 you will need 800 wisdom for the same 100%.

All elixirs, granules, potions and ointments for MP restoration have been weakened by half.

The increase in the effectiveness of treatment now also extends to ointments that restore HP or MP for a long time.



In addition to the star sovereign enchantment, which opens chests instantly, you can now activate the сolor mania effect. It allows you to give you several colors to a character at once, but no more than 100 at a time.


Dragon bags

  • Dragon Bag V: Added 2 large inventory.
  • Dragon Pouch XIII: Added 6 sparkling stones to upgrade clan equipment (personal).


Skill changes


Hunter's sense: when the effect is triggered, the additional damage of allies will not increase, but the absorption of enemy damage will decrease.


Other changes

  • Changed content of surprises. The chance of dropping was increased for something, and the chance for something decreased (the chance for jewelry remained unchanged). In general, it did not get any worse.
  • The content of flower baskets has changed. Both the quantity and quality of the items received will depend on the charm.
  • The Talisman of Wealth increases the gold received by 150%, and the Talisman of Luxury - by 300%. The price for them remains the same.
  • Almost all types of wines now provide more stats.
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