Large cities are decorated with small and large Christmas trees, as well as snow-white lotuses, in the place of which players will raise their snowmen!

This event is not similar to those that have already been held. We understand that before the new year, many players will not have enough time to devote to a full event in order to receive rewards. Therefore, we have prepared for you an event that will not take much of your time.

We have saved all the most interesting for the New Year holidays, when you, the players, will have more free time.

Fishing, gifts of the dragon, passive receipt of rewards - this is what this event is personified. The six new daily quests that became available with the event won't take a lot of your time.


Dragon's gifts

To the standard four gifts of the dragon, one more was added. For being in the game for more than 6 hours, you will receive an empty box that can be placed under a large Christmas tree, which is in every major cityThe next day you will receive a box with gifts, in which pleasant rewards will await you!


Daily tasks

Next to each big tree, you will find 6 NPCs.

LysongMingli and Xiphen are Christmas messengers. They will help you create your snowman, and will also generously reward you for completing their tasks.

XiaDayu and Hang will help you uncover the secrets of Christmas. But in order to get access to their implementation, you need to have a certain VIP level, namely:

  • Congratulations - Silver VIP
  • Big Monsters - Big Reward - Gold Plated VIP
  • Fireworks - Gold VIP

During the Christmas event, the snow shines especially brightly! All monsters in the ice mountains are blinded and completely harmless to players.

To activate the quests, you must complete the main quest branch in the Emperor's Lands.



After completing the quests of the Christmas messengers, you will have your own snowman! You can install it on the snow-white lotuses that are in every city. Remember this place, because your snowman will be exactly where you installed it!

The next day, a gold bar will appear over the snowmen - this means that they have a gift for you! You can only pick up the reward from your snowman.

With each new day you will be able to sculpt more snowmen, which means that the rewards will only become more.



For New Year's holidays - New Year's baitsWith the help of such baits while fishing, you can get a New Year's knapsack, which may contain one of the following items:

  • Uncut Gems
  • The elements
  • Fireworks
  • Moon Talismans
  • Platinum Ingots

During the winter holidays, the immortal Ten has changed his special bait to New Year's.



When opening a New Year's knapsack, there is a chance of getting fireworks. There are 7 types of them in total:

  • Flowers of Thunder - Increases the experience gained by 100%.
  • Sky Road - Increases maximum vitality by 500, and its regain rate - on 20.
  • New Year Lights - Increases the chance of getting trophies by 20%.
  • Kaleidoscope of Sparks - Increases base stats by 100.
  • Twinkling Stars - Increases luck by 50.
  • Sparkling Flowers - Increases movement speed by 30%.
  • Spring Sea of ​​Colors - increases resistance to all types of damage by 100.


Increased rates

During both New Year and Christmas events, the experience gained will be increased by 100%, the amount of gold for killing monsters by 50%, and the probability of getting trophies by 30%.

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