Happy new year 2021!


Congratulations to all our players with the upcoming year 2021!

We will make every effort so that next year does not disappoint you for sure, because we have a whole bunch of updates and ideas in our plans, which will be implemented from January to February. 

We are implementing almost all of our current update plans in January, but there will also be another update for newbies that will make it much easier for them to play and reach the intermediate player level. In February, we plan to raise the maximum level to 90 and introduce all the accompanying content.

We have postponed the New Year's event to January 2nd, because it implies the participation of as many players as possible, which is unlikely to be possible with the first day of the coming New Year. The event itself will last not until January 10, but until January 11.

As for the Christmas event, it will last until January 1 inclusive. As we expected, all places for snowmen ended on the last day of the outgoing year. But don't worry - all the snowmen will be replaced with gift boxes!

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