Update 3.29


End of new year's holidays

  • The christmas bait has been removed from the immortal Ten's store and merchandise. Baits and fireworks in players' inventories will be removed on February 1st. 
  • Removed christmas sets from the store. Unopened gold chests will be removed on february 1st. 
  • Removed christmas collector and crystal toys.


Deleting keeper skills

When you first log into the game after an update, all guardian skills will be removed. As compensation, you will receive gold, the amount of which will depend on the level of the learned skills.


Ladder of three worlds

Glittering chests now have no opening limit for one character, but the reward from one chest has been distributed across all 6 chests. 

This is done so that players are interested in fully completing the instance, and not just killing certain bosses.

Dragon trials


Now the reward for the Emerald Lands can be obtained at level 80.

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