Update 3.30


Referral program

Now inviting friends to the game, you, like your friend, will receive various gifts! At the moment, no more than 5 friends can be invited.

To take part in the referral program, log in to the site and enter your personal account. There you will find a link by clicking on which you will automatically become a member of the program. A unique code will be generated for you, which you can give to your friend. By specifying it during registration, it will become your referrals. After creating a character, your friend will receive a gift in which he will find the following items:

  • Bag with silk threads
  • Meridian key Bag
  • Denu and Tane's bag of amulets
  • Bag of gems level II
  • Bag of gems level III
  • Bag of gems level IV
  • Gold VIP

You, in turn, on the referral program page will be able to receive valuable items for the achievements of your friend:

Please note that rewards will only be available when we confirm that the friend you have invited is a real player, and not your additional account. If it turns out that the player you invited is not real, then we will permanently disconnect you from the referral program.

This referral program is a little different from the standard one: more gifts will be received not by the invitee, but by the invitee. This is due to the fact that for beginners, a lot is already simplified and it is hardly possible to simplify the game for them even more at the moment. In addition, not all players will start the game with a referral code, and too much advantage would be detrimental to the interest in playing with non-invited players.


Ladder of three worlds

It is a pity that many could not understand that the total reward from the chests remained the same. Many considered the changes in the last update to be bad, because the artifacts from the chests supposedly began to fall less. Although this is not so, in general it does not matter anymore, since after this update only one chest will appear (the reward in it will be the same as it was from the very beginning). In order for it to appear, you need to kill all the main bosses in the instance on each floor.

We hope that now players will not think that we have reduced something somewhere. 

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