Update announcement


Very soon we will finish work on the update, in which:

  • Let's rework the "Law of the Jungle" event. We want to make it something more than it is now, because this is the only full-fledged PvP event (arenas and sieges do not count). It should be important and interesting for the players.
  • We will add new PvP events - "Hunt for Chests" and "Dragon's Lair"These events are already known to the players, but they will be significantly different from what you might have seen before.
  • We will introduce a new system of "book" skills. Now it will be something more than a banal increase in characteristics or some other bonuses. The extraction of such skills will not be concentrated in any one place, but, on the contrary, will seep into most game mechanics.

As for the personal homestead and the new PvE mechanics, they will be in February as two separate updates.

Raising the maximum level to 90, the introduction of new instances (including the abode of fears), new types of equipment  and ways to enhance it - all this is planned after the two above-mentioned updates. 

We will try to get it all out in February, but we cannot promise for sure. It is possible that some of the updates will be delayed for several days.

In addition, we are simultaneously working on several more innovations. If we manage to correctly implement them and fit them into the gameplay, something completely new and interesting awaits you !

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