Update 3.31


Law of the jungle

This event is the main non-guild PvP event in the game. Obviously, it should be on a larger scale than it is now. We would like it to be important, enjoyable and beneficial for the players.

This event has no significant drawbacks. It is simply out of sight of the players, as there is no unique reward (other than a title) offered for participating in the event. In other words, nothing pushes you to take part in this event. It's not enough just to change the event itself - you also need to create interest in it. And you can only motivate with a good and, preferably, unique reward. This reward will be the manuscripts.

Manuscripts are a familiar mechanic. As you study them, you will increase your characteristics. A list of all available manuscripts can be found at the Warmongering Dei in the Emperor's City [2062, 2720].


As for the event itself, we tried to take into account all the shortcomings of the current event and do what would suit the majority. By the majority, we mean the majority. Although this is a PvP event, as many players as possible should take part in it, even despite the low character strength.

Obviously, in PvP events, the strongest must win. But the law of the jungle allows even average players to take the lead with their unique mechanics. It is about them that will be discussed further.



We have left the effects of different types of animals, but with one striking difference - they will not be applied when using the item, but immediately after killing the monster. This is hardly more convenient, because you lose control over the effects. But in general, this will make the process itself more predictable in a good way. At least we hope so. 

The effects have naturally been updated. Now there are no standout ones. They will all be useful in their own way in every single situation. 

When you enter an instance, you will be given an effect that increases your stats by 5000, and HP by 40,000.

The weaker the character, the more likely the effect will be imposed on him when killing an animal.


Strongest ball

The ball of the strongest, as before, combines all kinds of effects from animals at once. It will appear every two minutes at a random point on the map.
We do not really like the principle by which it is searched - we need to enter coordinates into the autopath as soon as possible. The new version of the event will not have any coordinates. The ad will only indicate the area in which he appears. For example, North / South / East / West / Central Desert / Emerald Valley, and North / South Bridge. It will be easy to navigate, the main thing to remember is the following:

  • north - top side
  • south - down side
  • west - left side
  • east - right side


Columns of heroes

In the desert and emerald valley, there are columns of heroes. Being next to them, you will receive more points for being in the combat zone, but your resistance to all types of damage will be reduced by 100, and characteristics and movement speed - by 20%. 



Now the boss of the jungle has appeared in the emerald valley. Together with the desert jackal, they will move through their territory and kill the players they dislike. The killing of these beasts is now more than possible. In addition, by killing such a boss, you are guaranteed to receive one of four effects.


Earning points

You will receive points every 15 seconds. Their number depends on where you are. If it is a combat zone - 15 points, a safe zone - 5 points, next to the hero's column - 25 points.

For killing monsters you will get 1 point, and for killing bosses - 30.

The number of points for killing other players will depend on the difference in strength between the characters, as well as the streak of kills of the killed player. The more your victim has killed players before, the more points you will receive for killing her.

If you do not show any activity for a long time, then passive points will not be awarded to you.



The maximum reward can be obtained by typing 1800 points (240 warrior seals and 40 denu amulets ). If there are fewer points, then the reward will be proportionally less.

The prize for the prizes was redistributed so that the difference between the first and tenth places was not so significant.

  • 1st place: 30 characters of the hero and the title of King of the Jungle
  • 2nd place: 28 characters of the hero
  • 3rd place: 26  characters of the hero
  • 4th place: 24  characters of the hero
  • 5th place: 22  characters of the hero
  • 6th place: 20  characters of the hero
  • 7th place: 18  characters of the hero
  • 8th place: 16  characters of the hero
  • 9th place: 14  characters of the hero
  • 10th place: 12  characters of the hero

Now you will receive all the reward immediately at the end of the event.

NPC prices for Hero Badges and Warrior Seals have been updated.

The title is now issued automatically and is removed if another player takes first place at the next event. In other words, it is no longer possible to accumulate titles. 

All remaining wands of the King of the Jungle from players have been removed and compensated.



Most likely, something in the new version of the event will have to be changed. To be more precise, we are sure of this. You can't make something perfect right away. But we hope that you will share your impressions and help us make the event better. On the forum we will create a special topic in which you can submit your ideas. 


Time of heroes

This is a new PvP event, the essence of which is to keep one of the three chests in three different locations for 10 minutes. 

At 21:00, one chest will appear in the Emperor's LandsGolden Lands and Emerald Lands. Their coordinates will be reported in the game chat. You need to get to the chest as quickly as possible, take it, and fight off other players until the timer on the chest is reset. If you diego into water or a safe zone, use a pet or enchantment, try to use skills or items that give invulnerability, then you will lose the chest and the timer will be reset. 

The longer you hold the chest, the weaker your character will become. In addition, every few minutes your location will be reported in the game chat.

The reward will depend on the quality of the chest. The higher the level of the location in which the chest is located, the better the reward from the chest will be. 

The list of awards is as follows: 

  • 3/4/5 Philosopher's Stones
  • 3/4/5 large gold nuggets or soft silk
  • 18/24/30 enchanted nirvans or 6/8/10 enchanting nirvans
  • 10/15/20 Dragon Soul Particles
  • 75/100/125 Gems Uncut


Dragon's lair

New PvP-PvE event in which you have to fight one of four dragons. 

At 18:00, a message will appear stating that a dragon totem has appeared on one of the clan arenas. Travel there and place 20 specific dragon parts on the totem to summon the dragon itself. With a certain probability, during the ritual of summoning the dragon, you will receive one particle of the dragon's soul.

By slaying the dragon, you will receive the unique title Dragon Slayer. This title is temporary and if the next dragon is killed by another player, your title will be removed. 

As loot from the dragon itself, you will receive a certain part of the dragonFaishen amulets, as well as particles of the dragon's soul.

With the help of dragon parts, you can transform into one of the dragons for 30 seconds and use its special skills


Equipment of the Crimson and Amethyst Dragon

Using particles dragon souls can be created gear purple or amethyst dragon. This type of equipment has a unique appearance and even more unique bonuses. It is created only from resources of purple quality (equipment, respectively, is also of purple quality). In the smelting furnace, dragon soul particles can be used to recreate equipment.

You will be able to get acquainted with the characteristics of this equipment in the near future on the website in the equipment section.

It is unlikely that you expected a new type of equipment in the outgoing stage of the game. But we can assure that this equipment at 90 (and even 100, in part) level will be competitive with any other equipment. 


Manuscripts and treatises

We have already said everything about manuscripts, but not a word about treatises yet. 

Treatises are unique skills that increase the reward for different types of activities in the game. It makes no sense to describe them all - you better see it all for yourself. Soon we will publish a list of these treatises on the website and you yourself can familiarize yourself with their description.


Changes to the stat system

Increased the growth of maim damage from healing spell power by 25%. 

The critical damage modifier for mages has been increased. The changes will be reflected differently for each player. To some extent, this will equalize the power of mages and warriors at certain stages of the game.

Increased the damage modifier for warriors relative to enemy armor. This change similarly balances the strength of warriors and mages at certain stages of the game.

Simply put, we have equalized the capabilities of warriors and magicians at the basic level. Naturally, we have kept their features and made sure that these features do not spill over into a significant advantage of some over others.


Extraction and collection of resources

Now the skill level of the craft will have a greater impact on the chance of obtaining higher quality resources.


Skill changes

Sword master

  • Master Swordsman: Increased proc chance of Mastery has been changed to passively ignore Physical Resistance by 100.
  • Mastery: Skill trigger chance increased from 33% to 40%.


Blade master

  • Hidden Power: The effect of this skill now also increases the chance to hit by 20%.


Staff Master

  • Magic Snake: The maximum number of effects from this skill has been reduced from 3 to 1, and the enemy's defense reduction has been increased by 3 times.



  • Volley: Fixed a bug due to which the probability of inflicting additional damage was lower than intended.
  • Versatility (formerly Hunter's Sense): now the skill allows you to use 2 types of enchantments at once.
  • Carefree Journey: In addition to the critical hit chance, the hit probability also increases.
  • 4 class combo skills: the order of the effects that are applied to the enemy has been changed. Knocking back the enemy has been replaced by slowing down, and the range of these skills is now 20 meters.


Warrior of the sun

  • Sunstrike (Formerly Sunshield): Now stuns the enemy on attack, rather than on taking damage.
  • 4 class combo skills: now the skill does not reduce the enemy's resistance to magic damage, but reduce its blocking chance. The damage resistance received by the sun warrior has been replaced with ignoring magic damage resistance.


Moon warrior

  • Snow Breastplate: Fixed a bug due to which the effect was triggered when attacking even without the Ice Armor effect required for the skill to work.
  • 4 class combo skills  now these skills slow down the enemy instead of draining health from him. Instead of the movement speed that the character received when using skills, he will receive resistance to physical and magical damage. 



  • Now the healer can revive allies no more than once a minute.
  • Destiny: fixed a bug due to which this skill did not work if you learned the skill "Endless Spring".
  • Endless Spring: Now this skill does not increase the duration of the Spring of Life effect, gives a30%/40%/50%chance that the instant healing from the Healing Hand skill will work twice.
  • Sorrow: The effect of this skill now reduces the overall recovery from pellets, powders, and elixirs by 40%.
  • Bird Wing: Now the skill increases the recovery from pellets, powders and elixirs by 20% / 40%.
  • Ghost Deer: Skill recharge time increased from 1 to 4 seconds.
  • 4 class combo skills: fixed a bug due to which the duration of the effects that are applied to the enemy was 15 seconds instead of 10.



  • Chanting Chant: Now increases ignore magic resistance instead of restoring health.
  • Call of the Demon: the  damage of the skill has been reduced to standard. After using the skill, the character will recover 30% / 40% / 50% HP.
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