Update 4.1


Character level

The level cap has been increased to 90Leveling up will be very difficult. If you remember what it was like raising the level to 80, then add 80% to this. Taking into account the fact that with each level the amount of required and gained experience becomes more, this is a completely normal indicator.

The amount of experience from level 70 to 80 was evenly redistributed. Now there will be no significant "step" between 75 and 76 levels. 

All missions in the Forgotten Lands and some in the Ice Mountains have become available to complete. 



Halls of Fire
Difficult, unpleasant, but tasty. Likewise with the ladder of the three worlds, each of the eight bosses in the Hall of Fire will have an improved reward. You will have to study the instance yourself. There will be no guides or explanations from our side.

Snake cave an
easy instance, but the difference in the strength of the monsters from the peach grove and the snake cave will be much more noticeable than between the fiery gorge and the peach grove.

Abode of fears
Not yet available.


Balance sheet edits


  • Master Swordsman: Ignore Physical Resistance increased from 100 to 120.


  • The strength of the thousands: in place of the resistance slashing and mental damage increases the probability of blocking.
  • Mail: along with the absorption of damage, so does the confusion resistance.
  • Dragon Spikes: Cooldown reduced from 3 seconds to 1.5 seconds.
  • Dragon Attack: Fixed a bug that caused the skill to deal damage. The effect is now applied not when dealing damage, but when using a skill.
  • Wrathful Dragon: Instead of reducing the cooldown of dragon thorns by 2 seconds, the skill resets the cooldown from all skills from the staff tree. Concentration does not work for this skill.


  • Jump: After jumping, opponents will be stunned rather than slowed down.
  • Magic Protection: The effect of the skill will cancel all confusion effects, not just stun.

The sun

  • Lion's Roar: Increased the damage of the effect.
  • Lion's Strength: Increased the damage from the effect.


  • Stop bleeding: increased HP recovery.
  • Transfusion: Increased HP recovery.
  • Bloodlust: Increased HP theft.


  • Broken String: Instead of reducing lethality and resilience, the effect of this skill will now reduce the probability of a critical strike.


  • Staff clan weapons now increase resistance to all types of damage, rather than blocking.


Phoenix Jewelry

The messenger of destiny can create a belt and phoenix necklaceTo create jewelry, you will need several dozen resourcesorbs of a flawless spirit, ice spirits and phoenix feathers (you can get it for killing a winged demon in the halls of fire).


Other changes

  • Fixed a bug due to which some players did not have the Dragon Land of the Dragon challenge even if all conditions were met.
  • Reduced the number of dragon particles for recreating equipment. Now all the recipes for re-creation are in the corresponding tab.
  • Players whose charm rings were of white quality (by mistake) will receive new rings of the corresponding quality.
  • The maximum wardrobe bonus from suits is now +2 on firmware.
  • Monster seals can now be installed in wings and arcane weapons.


Here is a small description of the update. We saved some of the changes for later, so as not to burden players with a lot of innovations at the moment. 

Expect equally large-scale updates soon! 

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