Update 4.3


Phoenix fortress

Now titles for prizes in the battle for the fortress are temporary. Each week they will be transferred to their new owners, and the rest will be removed. The title of Viceroy of the Phoenix Hold also inherited this mechanic.

All titles from Phoenix Hold and the Phoenix Stronghold Viceroy Outfit have been enhanced.


Dragon's lair

Now healers will not be able to help other characters if they are in avenger or assassin mode. In order to help them, you will also have to enter killer or avenger mode. Currently, this restriction will only be active during the Dragon's Lair event. If this does not cause any problems or inconveniences, then in the future such mechanics will work always and everywhere.


Bug fixes

  • Fixed several bugs in quests.
  • The fiery werewolf now has immunity to skills that force the character to attack.
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