Update 4.7


In this update, we have fixed several bugs from the last update, and based on your feedback, we have made a few more changes to class skills:


Sword master

Mastery: Now increases bonus damage instead of critical chance. The master of the sword is unlikely to have problems with the critical strike, but the additional damage will definitely be superfluous. Moreover, in conjunction with the increased duration of the effect.

Mental threat: if the character is under the influence of the "Comprehension of the Mysteries" effect, the damage will be dealt 2 times.


Blade master

Melee Weapons: 10% weapon damage has been replaced with 60 fixed damage.


Staff Master

We liked the adaptability of the Power of thousands skill. We decided to rework 2 more skills of the staff in order to diversify the variability of its assemblies.

Meeting guests: if the character has been superimposed on the "Ferocious look", then instead of protection, the character will receive an effect that increases the attack. The skill "Without barriers" in the 4th branch of skills works for 2 types of effects.

Dragon Thorns: now the skill will work if the owner has more than 33% PS, instead of 20%.

Unshakable: This skill now only enhances the Hurricane effect.

Dragon's Fury (New Skill): This skill only enhances Fierce Look.


Warrior of the sun

Terrible explosion: Now the skill is applied instantly.

Star enchantment: Cooldown reduced from 80 seconds to 60 seconds.

Luminary has been replaced back with Sunstroke .


Moon warrior

Water surface: in addition to the mana reserve, the skill now also increases the magical attack rate, depending on the current amount of your mana.

Cold moon: Increased MP reduction.


We added 5 more extra skill points at level 85.

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