Update 4.8


Abode of fears 

Instance is available!

As we said, this instance is quite complex and it is definitely not worth going there without preparation. The most important thing is the correct composition, capable of covering all weak points. 

As a reward for passing the instance, you will only receive sphereof harmony. According to our calculations, if a group of 6 players goes to the instance, then for the complete passage of the instance, each player will receive 50-60 sphere of harmonyIf there are fewer players, then the number of spheres of harmony for each player will slightly (!) Increase, so there is no point in deliberately passing the instance with a smaller number of players to increase the reward.

Some monsters have reduced resistance to physical or magic damage:

  • Playing with Passions: -100 Physical Resistance.
  • Summoner of Death: -100 Resistance to Magic Damage.
  • Visage of Betrayal: -100 Magic Damage Resistance.
  • Stealer: -100 Physical Resistance.
  • Thought Distortion: -100 Physical Resistance.
  • Fee Eater: -100 Magic Damage Resistance.
  • Sowing alarm: -100 resistance to magic damage.
  • Radiating Indifference: -100 Physical Resistance.
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