It's time to work!


Event Tree of Life

Every day, at 17:00, a sprout of the Tree of Life will appear in the Phoenix Lands [1733, 2187], as well as several hundred jugs of water throughout the Phoenix Lands (except for the poisonous gorge and scorched lands). Once in a while, their number will be replenished, and when they are collected, a monster may appear, the strength of which adjusts to the player. For killing them, you will receive green quality resources.

Players need to water the Tree of Life 1000 times to replenish it with water. During watering, monsters may appear near the tree and try to interfere with you. For one minute, only the character who summoned him and members of his group can attack him. As a reward for killing them, you will receive blue-quality resources and gardening items. As soon as players water the tree of life 1000 times, it will move on to the next stage and require fertilizers from the players. Fertilizer bags, like water jugs, appear on the map once in a while.

Once a tree of life seedling is fertilized 1000 times, it will grow into the tree of life itself By clicking on it, you can get a reward (depending on your contribution during the event) and the Blessing of Spring effect (fortune +50, quick wits +100, authority +500, restoration of vitality +50, movement speed +30%) for 2 hours.


Workers rating

Until May 9 inclusive in the Phoenix Lands [888, 2033] Kinei will lead the ranking of workers.

What a wonderful time of the year - spring! Everything begins to blossom, filling the world with warm colors! This time is also the best time to work hard!
While mining, fishing and gardening these wonderful days, you will earn points in the overall ranking. The three laborers with the most points in one of the ratings will receive a unique title, 500 pearls and 2 sparkling gems to choose from. Players from 4th to 10th place will receive a sparkling gem of their choice.
Explanation: titles are not combat titles. Their bonuses will primarily be of interest to PvE players.

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