Update 4.12


Day of remembrance

General Livay has visited the Dragon Grounds! He offers a chain of 6 tasks, completing which you will receive the St. George Ribbon, as well as other valuable rewards

During this event, the Generous Gourmet event was replaced with the Legend of War event.
Quests can be completed until May 13 inclusive.
Before handing over a task that requires flowers, we recommend that you leave in your inventory only the flowers of the type that you want to hand over to complete the task, and put all the rest in the warehouse.



We finally did what we promised for a very long time! Now you have the opportunity to purchase your own homestead (Dragon Lands [2249, 2236]) from level 80 and develop it. At the moment, its functionality is very limited, since it is important for us to check its stability in real conditions with a large online environment. The farmstead was realized by non-standard methods, so this is a forced step for us. 

Now only the most basic mechanics are active, on which the entire estate is based, namely:

  • Improving the homestead through your experience.
  • Warehouse upgrade for Jasper Seals.
  • Installation / removal of animals and plants.
  • Hourly replenishment of the warehouse and calculation of the total income from plants and animals.
  • Erection of statues and their performance.
  • Improving statues.
  • Saving all changes in the homestead after exiting the game or restarting the server.
  • Timely removal of already exhausted animals and plants.

You will come across a lot of inactive NPCs that are currently not involved in any way. In the future, we will implement each of them in an interesting way. Here we are open to all your suggestions.

We tried to make everything intuitive, so there is simply no need to describe everything to the smallest detail. We will only tell you about the types of animals and plants, as well as how to get them.

There are 6 types of plants and animals in total. All of them differ in their quality, appearance and growth of jasper seals. The higher the quality, the more stamps you will receive every hour. 

  • White quality - can be purchased for gold coins from Merchant Tao inside the homestead. 
  • Yellow quality - can be purchased for jasper seals from Merchant Tao inside the homestead. 
  • Green quality - plants can be obtained for gardening, and animals - for killing huge and giant monsters in locations (they appear when killing ordinary monsters with a small probability).
  • Blue quality - can be found at the location. You will see a notification that a plant or an animal has appeared on the map in the chat. So far, we have only used Dragon Lands, but in the future they will appear in other locations as well.
  • Orange quality - for a prize in the weekly rankings.
  • Purple quality - can be won at the auction.

In the future, this list will be supplemented with new animals and plants with alternative methods of extraction.

The list of bonuses from statues is as follows:


  • Increases the effect of using consumable items that temporarily empower the character.
  • Decreases the cooldown of the Ball Lightning skill and increases the characteristics of the character in the tower of witches.
  • Increases the rate of recovery of zeal and the likelihood of obtaining double the amount of resources.
  • It gives you the opportunity to receive unique tasks every day.
  • Increases the likelihood of two night chimeras awakening at once.
  • Increases the reward for completing daily tasks.
  • Increases the characteristics of the character in instances, and also allows you to receive warrior seals for completing them in a small amount.
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