Update 5.0.0


Most of the players have already managed to familiarize themselves with the changes and innovations in the new version of the game, and we, in turn, have prepared everything for a smooth transition to the next version.

The update will take place on the night from Saturday to Sunday. The time was not chosen by chance. We do not want any potential problems affecting the outcome of the siege of the Phoenix Fortress. The download client will be available Saturday until noon.

We have highlighted the following important changes:

  • All nirvana enhancements have been weakened several times, but now it will be possible to install them on all equipment.
    At the time of the update, all players will lose a lot of characteristics, but by installing as many nirvans as possible on all other equipment, you will not only restore the previous indicators, but also increase them. There are plenty of low-level nirvans in the game, so there shouldn't be any problems with them, but everyone will experience problems with gold. But this is not a bad thing. Thus, we will eradicate inflation and it will not disturb us for a long time.
  • «Witch tower», «Halls of fire», «Abode of Fears», «Snake cave», and «Dragon altar» will be weakened.
    This is primarily due to the weakening of nirvana. And secondly, with the need to facilitate development for average players.
  • Now you can receive gifts simply by checking in the game once a day.
  • When upgrading slots or bonuses in an artifact, you can now use the sacred tinctures of the righteous to improve the result.
  • When filling an artifact with the elements, you can also use the sacred tinctures of the righteous to ensure that it is exactly the empty slot in the artifact that is filled.
  • A new, third branch of the meridian is available. The requirements for studying the first and second branches of the meridian have been reduced.
  • Updated appearance of the window with meridians.
  • The assortment of goods at the auction has been updated.

Of course, there are some more nice changes in the new version. For example, all tabs in the guild warehouse now work correctly, and the maximum number of effects on a character has been increased (previously, some effects could disappear because of this). It is likely that during a full-fledged game you will find something else :)



Recently, we increasingly hear the same question from you - "when will level 100 be?" We cannot give an exact answer, but we will obviously have to wait a few months before that. 

For now, we want to focus our energies on the following:

  • Completion of the functionality of the estate.
  • New events and rethinking old ones. 
  • Guild content. Not only an increase in the level to 10 and an increase in places in the guild (most likely up to 40), but also new activities for guild members.
  • New PvP content. First of all, we will revive the forgotten "chests", but we will make significant changes. And then we will be working on something really new.
  • We will revive tournaments and create their schedule not several months in advance, when online will allow them to be fully played.
  • We also want to add multiple instances (and mini-instances) with a nice reward. Perhaps it will be related to some of the new mechanics.
  • Advertising the game and attracting new players.

At level 100, we will fill you with new content, but so far there are still a few unfinished business, which we wrote about above. We want nothing to distract us from the development of content of exactly 100 level. Therefore, we have set such priorities.


Now we need to talk about how the updates will be released:
We have changed their numbering. It now has 3 digits. For example, version 5.7.2. The first number is responsible for the global version of the game. It will change with every major update (for example, switching to a new version of the game, raising the maximum level). The second digit is responsible for large updates. Such updates include everything that we wrote about above. These are quite significant updates with a considerable number of innovations and changes. And finally, the third digit will be responsible for small and urgent updates that will not have something large-scale (for example, bug fixes or minor changes).

From now on, we will release updates every 2-4 weeks and collect as many completed and tested innovations in them as possible. While we are working on large updates, small updates will be released several times a week, the purpose of which will be to urgently respond to any bugs or critical situations. 

Thus, we want to improve the quality of updates and make them more complex and voluminous. Yes, something new will come out less often, but there will be more of it and you will definitely understand that in a few weeks you will have a new portion of content awaiting you. 
Our past approach to updates was not suited to working on large and complex updates, as we tried to deliver the result as often as possible. The new approach is more structured, universal and understandable for everyone.

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