New rules


The list of game rules has been updated on the site.

This is necessary so that we can have more control over the transfer, sale and purchase of accounts, as well as any game valuables for non-game currency.

Previously, the transfer of accounts or everything stored on it was not prohibited, which maximized the purchase or sale. Therefore, we could not present anything in this case. Now we will stop such cases.

It is now forbidden to transfer your accounts or most of the items on it to other players, even if you decide not to play anymore. Thus, the possibility of continuing the game on the server will be preserved, because not everyone wants to return to the game and start from scratch, especially when the player has already achieved some kind of success earlier. Also, this will not have a detrimental effect on the balance of the game as a whole, because a player who has received a character for use, for example, a friend who has left the game, will receive a large number of in-game items that others have difficulty getting.

The administration is people too (it may even surprise some) and we understand that some players play differently. We know players who take turns playing the same character, we know players who play together, but are used to strengthening one character first, and then another. There can be a lot of exceptions. With the new rules, we want to deal with really bad things, but we do not plan to apply them where they were not appropriate according to the original idea.

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