Update 5.1.5


Greater punishment for PC

First of all, we have tightened the conditions for staying in the dungeon:

  • Minual Conscience Gain is now 1, down from 8;
  • complicated and improved tasks that allow you to quickly increase your conscience;
  • Fixed a bug due to which spouses could move to / from the dungeon.

In addition to the dungeon, we've also made life harder for those who disturb the peace outside of it. You will now need more Charms of Redemption to counteract the effect of equipment or item loss. The number of required amulets directly depends on your conscience. The price of amulets of redemption in the store has been increased, and their number in the assortment of goods from immortals has been reduced.


Treasure Hunt

Immortal Ju has 3 new treasure hunt items:

  • Guiding Star
    Allows you to search for treasure in the location you are in, regardless of level.</li >
  • Moonbell
    All summoned chimeras of the night, gods of wealth and demons of abundance appear next to the character.</li >
  • Star Ward
    Protects your summoned Chimeras of the Night, Gods of Wealth, and Demons of Abundance with a Star Ward that prevents others from players other than your party members to attack them.

Together with the lunar talisman, which has recently appeared in the game, new items will help make life easier for novice treasure hunters.

All new items have a negative effect - a chance to damage the treasure map. It works simply - when using a map, there is an n% chance that it will be unusable for treasure hunting. 


Witch Tower

There are 3 new items for the Witch Tower, which you can buy from Merchant Tao in your personal homestead:

  • Seal of Imprisonment
    Using this seal in the Witch Tower will reduce the attack stats of monsters in the current wave by 15%.
  • Seal of Withering
    Using this seal in the Witch Tower will reduce the defensive stats of monsters in the current wave by 15% .
  • Seal of Devastation
    Using this seal in the Witch Tower will stun the monsters of the current wave for 5 seconds.</ li>

Please note that these items only work for the current wave, not the entire workout.

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