Long awaited news


It's time to talk about what we've been working on lately.

Guild Content

  • Weekly Guild Instance. Those who played with us before understand what we are talking about.
  • Guild upgrade and guild buildings up to level 10 with a new and more varied upgrade process (starting at level 5).
  • Guild mini-activities. For example, a bandit lair and an attack a Sunder demon and his retinue. Naturally, all this will be implemented a little differently.
  • Removing the event & nbsp; & laquo; attack of vandals & raquo; & nbsp; and adding a new one of it & nbsp; alternatives & nbsp; on a separate & nbsp; . 

This is the first thing we did after the moon carnival. We already have all the preparations for developing content for guilds in a short time. But we don't want to do it now, and here's why:
The implementation of all of the above will not be interesting for most players, since the guild as a game mechanic is a tool for achieving something bigger and overcoming difficult content together. It is unlikely that there will be difficult content in the game now, since the current stage of the game has already been mastered far and wide.
Based on this, we have decided to deal with content for guilds when it is really necessary for the server and interesting for the players.</ p>

In any case, the groundwork has already been laid, so when the time comes, content development for guilds will take significantly less time.


PvP events

  • "Heroes Time" . We removed this event because its underlying mechanics were very questionable -  you must hold the chest for 10 minutes without dying. With a lot of competition, this event can drag on for an hour or two, after which everyone will regret the time spent. Moreover, this is an evening event, which for players living in remote time zones can be a good reason to completely refuse to participate in it.
    In the new version of the event, the player who holds the chest will receive a reward gradually  (this may be some kind of exchange item, not yet decided), but the chest itself will have a global timer duration, for example, 20 minutes . That is, if you held the chest for  10 minutes, then you will receive half of the total reward. In this way, we will keep the main mechanics of the event and solve the problem, due to which it could drag on for hours. 
  • A new PvP event, the implementation of which became possible after the transition to the new version of the game. 
    It will take place once a week - on Sunday. Players register for participation an hour before the start. With the start of the event, two teams from registered players randomly (we don’t see any other options yet), after which they will be able to go to the battlefield.< br />The task of the parties is to destroy the enemy base and protect their own. The battle itself will take place on a large map with many activities, for participation or victory in which you will strengthen yourself or your team.
    This is just a basic concept, so we can’t give more detailed information.
    New mechanics, by the way , flexible enough, and we will be able to implement other PvP events.
  • based on it
  • The 3vs3 arena will become available, but without any reward. Just look". To be honest, we have absolutely no idea how to make the arena without twinning and most importantly - interesting for the players. Maybe something will come up in the future with your help.
  • And, finally, a general innovation - for participation in all PvP events (except guild events) you will receive courage and  military merit . This will become the main PvP currency later on.

PvP in the game can be positioned as a core mechanic, as opposed to guild content. If we add new PvP content now, it will be justified and interesting for some players. But the main problem is that without a good reward PvP is not interesting to anyone. And this good reward (or part of it) should be unique. The first thing that comes to mind is new gear. But hardly anyone wants to spend time, effort and resources on him when level 100 is just around the corner. The rewards are character enhancement items or equipment. We won’t be able to offer anything new right now, since all new mechanics to enhance the character and equipment are planned for level 100. And finally, titlessuits and pets  are the only rewards we can offer right now. But this is unlikely to serve as sufficient motivation.

In short, now is not the best time to introduce new PvP events, because we don’t want to feed already strong players with gems and resources, but offer some other reward - can not. New gems, new equipmentcharacter enhancement items and equipment that otherwise cannot be obtained - all this will be at level 100. And players will find philosopher's stones, gems and resources anyway without new PvP events.


New locations and instances

In the middle of October, we started designing a new Halloween. Initially, we developed an event on a separate location with our own local activities and tasks. The result was so good that we felt sorry to use such an idea for an event that will last only 10 days. Therefore, we decided to leave these developments for the future. 

New locations (not Dawnshore and Garden of the Immortals) we plan to add at level 100 as additional content to it. They will not be as big as the main ones, but we will definitely find something to surprise you with. Completing quests in some of them will open up new opportunities to enhance your character, and not just offer a good reward.

As for instances, although they do not take much time to develop, there is nothing we can offer the player / players as a unique reward at this stage.


What is the result?

There are a lot of developments, but there is no content to fill them with. He's all at level 100.
Migration to the new version of the game opened a lot of opportunities and interesting mechanics, but by mistake we decided to continue to develop the current stage, never really got to enjoy the new version of the game.
At the moment, we don't see anything more logical than to start developing an update with the introduction of level 100 and that comes with it content right now, and after that, gradually implement everything above described.
Our goal was to introduce a level 100 in February/March, but now we want to bring it to the new year (possibly after the New Year event).

In parallel with the development of level 100, we will work on promoting the server, holding events that do not require complex and long development, as well as releasing minor updates.
We have long been of the opinion that events should be large-scale and long (Halloween, lunar carnival, new year), but now we want to try again to hold quizzes, hide and seek, secret shops, land attacks and so on. 

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